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  1. Drizzt

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    Howdy. Found this forum today and decided ya'll seemed like a pretty nice bunch of people so i registered :) . Currently ive got two lionel enignes ( a 4-4-2 i believe, and what i think is a gp-9). im pretty cramped on space(wich i know is not terribly condusive to O) but i want to at least get something simple built. one thing I am considering doing with this layout is building it modular so it can be dissasembled easily. This would drasticaly increase my layout space(since i could take it down when not in use and store it). Anyone have any experience with doin a layout like this? This is an old interest ive had for a long time and will be kind of a side hobby till i leave for Texas A&M in the fall and when im home(wont be to joining the band- A Batt.). right now im working on my marine tank but unfortunatly periods between being able to do anything on it are far between:( . Also anyone have advice on staying with 3 rail or going to 2 rail? I've seen the locos converted realtivly simply but just wondering. Wich ones tarck is less expensive( money is defintetly an object.......... i know once again not condusive to O scale but hey at least ive got 2 loco's already) thanks for listnening to my rambling. Gig'Em:thumb:
  2. Drizzt

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    Oh and i was thinking about starting construction with a small yard of some varietyand then starting to stretch it aound the room.
  3. Drizzt

    Drizzt New Member

    On a further not got some pretty general measurments of the space im gonna be workin with now. theres aprox. a 4x6(8?)then ill be able to run down a wall thats aprox. 10 foot(sorry for inexactnes all i had was a short tape and not totaly shure. then i can turn and i have a wall about 15 foot then can wrap the rest of the way around again for 4-5 foot. ill have at least 2 foot of room out from the wall. as i said i also have no problems adding some extra space with modules that can be stored later on. Am i spinning my wheels tryin to build a layout in o in this space? im not wanting anything real fancy i just wanna have something to run my trains on. anybody have a layout plan similar to this?
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    Welcome to the gauge Drizzt. Try asking over in layout planning if nobody answers you here soon. Fred
  5. 60103

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    you should have enough room for a layout in either Lionel or O scale.
    A small yard on the 4x6 and a run around the room sounds good. If you go for 2-rail, you might want to add little triangular pieces inside the corners to get a wider curve. Even for the Lionel.
    I would advise against changing the Lionel over. It's a messy business with insulating the wheels and chassis and all the side rods and then converting the motor. With the space, you might have 2 tracks -- one Lionel and one scale.
  6. Dave Farquhar

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    Three-rail definitely gives you more options as far as cost. I know most 3-rail list prices are outrageous, but used equipment can be very inexpensive. Used postwar-era stuff is usually cheaper than the new stuff, and the MPC-era stuff from the '70s can be cheaper than HO.

    Also be sure to check out Kris Model Trains. They've been out of business for 20+ years, but it seems like a lot of train-only shops have a couple of their boxes on the shelf. They're nice, full-size for O scale, and usually seem to be priced under $20.
  7. Drizzt

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    thnx guys i appreciate that..............think ill stick with three rail for shure. Also glad to hear ive got enough room for some stuf to thnks. :)

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