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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Rogue Blackheart, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Rogue Blackheart

    Rogue Blackheart New Member

    61yo semi-retired. Been away from HO railroading for about 30 years. Just getting started again. I live near the Gastonia area. I am looking for sources for HOn3, having very little luck. If you want to know any more, just ask.
  2. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome aboard - I'm trying this retirement thing out as well (so far so good?). More of a space/aviation geek and definitely a duffer, but, welcome aboard.

  3. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Where's Gastonia? Welcome to Zealot, I'm sure our train buffs will be able to help you out...these guys know EVERYTHING! Feel free to approach any of them (you won't find a friendlier group anywhere) Please consider posting a photo of your current layout.
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