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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by belg, Mar 11, 2003.

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    Are there any other areas besides the academy that are dedicated to "how to" do the basics? My main problem seems to be on establishing a proper order on how to finish a layout,IE:track, lighting, ballast scenery backdrop. I'm finding out all my mistakes after it's to late which not only cost me time,which is not all that tragic, but more important it's costing me in the battered pocketbook.
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    Hi Belg,

    First off welcome to the gauge. Just what stage on your railroad are you working? One thing for sure is your going to make mistakes but it will end up a learning experience. We all make them to say the least. Let the forum know where at on your layout and post what you need to know. I not one of them but on the gauge theres the finest models railroaders in the world and believe me there more then willing to help you. Fire those questions away. Ron ;)
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    I am about in the same stage you are, maybe even a bit behind you. As you can tell by the number of posts I've made, I'm not at all bashful in asking basic questions, and I've gotten a lot of good responses as a result. Just ask, someone here will respond, but that does not preclude us from screwing up. That's part of the learning experience.

    I'm just now building my benchwork, my second attempt since I wasn't happy the way the first one came out, even though I have plenty of books and a workshop full of tools that I know how to use. Maybe that's my problem, a complex solution to a simple problem.:rolleyes: See, I'm learning already:D

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    My first priority is scenicking a mountain which is very steep I compressed it to save space.I tried to put grass on it but that's not what I wanted so I tried bending trees a an angle to make them fit worked better but between those two attempts I got alot of material mixed in the uncemented ballast which now has to be removed and replaced. My next layout problem seems to be laying out my city area I want to incorporate many structures, which are already built,the space is shaped like a teardrop inside my double track curves (posted in other thread)I would love to keep as many of the "good sides" of the structures facing the viewers.Ok there's my first problems.
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    I have a tight fist when it comes to cash, so I salvage everything I can when I tear down. I have had layouts 5X16 up the present 8X24. In 13 years it has been torn apart and rebuilt 5 times, and this time I think I've got it. I also have a smaller one, 10X11. This is the 5th time on this one, and I think it is going together right. The only thjing I would stress about my indecision is I have enjoyed it because I knew the next would be better.

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    Tyson, I went to your page about the trees and think this will work very well for what I need to fill my steep hillside.Thank you and by the way you ARE ready to prepare how to's.

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