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    I have a trainset that my brother built several years ago. I'm redoing all of his wiring now and need some help. The main loop I have powered but I have a problem powering the other sidings. There are 2 that go all the way through with a switch at each end and the is one that ends in a bumper. I have a power selector switch but I have no idea how to wire it in.

    this is the selector I have...

    can anyone give me an easy to read diagram or at least tell me how to wire it up?

    Thank you

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    I'm sure someone will pick up on this. Sorry I took so long to approve it!:oops:
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    thats quite alright, forums can be a hand full to keep running correctly, and moderate efficiently and fairly...I used to run 2 of them myself for one of my games...
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    Hello and welcome Viperious! I think I know what your asking and I found one of the simplest wiring diagrams you could possibly use. If not, please ask questions.

    Basically what you have here are two cabs, power packs, throttles, or whatever you call your variable DC power output device, two Atlas Selectors, a whole mess of wires and a pretty basic track plan. For this to work properly you will need insulated track joiners, which is what the change in colors of track are. The black represents the common feeders, which whoever I stole... ahem, borrowed this from drew the feeders over both tracks in some spots. Ignore that, it usually goes on only one rail (unless you get into reverse loops, which that's another story).

    That's about all I feel I can explain with what was provided, once again if you have questions please ask.


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    I could not give an explanation that good. Well done, really ! Thanks gbwdude!
  6. Bill Nelson

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    more info on block wiring

    When adding insulated rail joiners to create separate power blocks , only add them to one of the two rails. the other, rail will run continuously around the layout, and will be hooked to one lead of both power packs . that is called your common rail. on each power block, you will need a wire that goes from the other rail to the switch, and the switch can provide power from either power pack.

    Things can get a little more complicated if you have power routing switches ( Piko, Shinohara) but if you are using atlas switches you won't have to enter into that area of complication.
  7. Viperious

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    thank you so much guys, I think I figured it out actually...I found a diagram showing how someone hooked theirs up on google, and...I have this my yard, if I only use 1 insulator per track...which track do I place it on (directions are pretty much, inside is facing me and outside is away just in case, because last people I asked this got confused by it) both rails are broken at some point or another by the frog of the switch...perhaps I should show you the track plan I showed Zathros...when I figure out how to attach an image here...HAHAHA!!!

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