how to weather yellow tankers?

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by EngineerKyle, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. EngineerKyle

    EngineerKyle Member

    I've got some yellow three dome "SHELL" tankers to weather. To me, yellow is difficult to get right.

    Any advise, or better still, links to proto pics? I can't find any.


  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Are you trying for a faded effect or some other special effect on yellow? Otherwise, dirt and grease are, well, dirt and grease...! ;)

    To fade the tanker, you can hit it with some DullCote and then a wash of alcohol - this will whiten and fade the car (or wherever the DullCote went).

    You can then put your rust/dirt/grease/spill/wear marks over top. This might help give the car a whole worn down appearance, and maybe make the high contrast between yellow and weathering colours more acceptable/believable.

  3. doctorwayne

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    Yeah, dirt is dirt, no matter what colour the car it's on. If you're concerned that it'll look too dirty on the yellow, try thinning the weathering colours - I like to use about 90% thinner, whether using a wash or a spray. If it's too light, repeat the process until it looks right. If you want very light weathering, try spraying the car with the car colour, or something very close to it, again using 90% (or more) thinner. This won't make the car dirty, but it'll remove that "just painted" look by toning down the contrast between the lettering and the car's colour. Don't forget the wheel spray pattern on the car ends, which is very effective on tank cars. There are some tips Here on weathering with an airbrush, and there are more if you check around in this Forum.

  4. EngineerKyle

    EngineerKyle Member

    This is good stuff guys, THANKS.

    I guess I'm thinking that grime (black) on yellow will result in an olive tint and rust (brown) will result in orange. I'm not sure I want those hues. Besides, proto guys have knocked my rusty tankers. I guess they don't get rusty? Just the chem. cars? I don't know.

    Thanks for the link, too!

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