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    Gallery tutorial, as requested... feel free to point out anything i missed / left out / stuffed up etc and i can fix it up / add to it / set fire to my PC.

    How to use the Gallery feature on this forum, a beginners guide. Written by a beginner, for other beginners... remember, beginners are grinners!

    Part One: Uploading.

    So you want to post some pictures to the gallery but aren't quite sure how?

    Obviously you're going to need some pictures, so when you have the pictures you want to show in the gallery, make a note of the folder you have stored them in on your computer.

    Browse your way to The Gallery.

    Still can't find it? it's here...


    Now you're on the main Gallery index page, there are a few different categories here, you'll notice the gallery is divided into different sections. From this page you can browse the gallery and view all the pretty pictures other members have uploaded.


    It is also on this page that you can upload your own pictures (click the "Upload Photos" button up near the top right corner).


    Clicking this will take you to the "upload" screen where you can choose the pics you want to upload and add any comments or descriptions you may feel like adding. As you can see below, there are a few sections here for you to add pics and info. You don't need to fill all of this out if you don't want to.

    The steps to upload a photo are:

    1. Choose a category to upload to (eg: Card Models / Members Categories).

    2. Select the files you wish to upload. Browse to and add the files you want to upload (from the location you took note of at the start of this tutorial). You can add a few files at a time here, don't worry about titles and descriptions if you are uploading multiple pictures, you can sort those out on the next page.

    3. Enter a title for your picture. (optional)

    4. Enter a description for your picture. (optional)

    5. Add some keywords. Keywords are like search engine tags, they will make it easier for people to find your pictures if they are doing a search.


    At this point, you can submit your pictures and move to the next page, or you can select one or more of the "Extra Options" pictured below. The options are explained in a little more detail blow the picture.


    1. This will retrieve all the images found at a particular url, to save you manually downloading then re-uploading images you already have stored online.

    2. This allows you to edit titles and descriptions of pictures you have already uploaded to the gallery at a previous time.

    3. Enabling this option will allow you to recieve email notifications when another member comments on your uploaded pictures.

    4. Enabling this option will allow other members to give your pictures a rating.

    5. Enabling this option will allow other members to post comments about your pictures.

    After filling out one or both of the sections on the upload screen, hitting the "Upload/Submit" button will take you to the next screen where you can finalize your upload and/or add descriptions and comments to existing files. If you uploaded multiple files this is where you can add the rest of the titles and descriptions.

    Depending how many pictures you are uploading, it might take a while for this next page to load, just be patient, it's coming!


    As you can see, this page is fairly similar to the first one, you can add / edit / remove any titles, descriptions or pics you don't want, clicking "Process" will finalize the upload procedure, and your pics will be ready for viewing by the masses!

    That's about all you need to know to get your pics uploaded. Once they are in the gallery, you can set up categories or "Albums" of your own choice, you can post links to your gallery for others to view, or you can use it to store pictures to attach to your posts on the forum. But that will all be covered in "Part 2". :D
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    Part Two?? What on earth did you stop for? Back to work man! :rolleyes: (never mind, I just read your other post :oops: )

    Actually a very good writeup Jaffro. :thumb: Were you a technical writer at some point? Sure wish you had written some of the imagery processing manuals I had to wade through back in the 1980's. Who knows, I might actually have learned something.


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    Excellent! Thanks a ton :) when its completely done can you save it as a pdf and send it to me so I can add it to the downloads area? If its under 2 mb you can do that too :)
  5. jaffro

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    Thanks for the thanks :D

    @Elliot: No, I haven't done any technical writing at all, but I've written a few tutorials over the years for a similar forum software and various other things. I tend to waffle on a fair bit in posts sometimes, so usually the end result is a very cut down version of the original draft :p

    Speaking of drafts... part 2 coming up.
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    Part 2: Managing Files and Albums.

    Now that you have some files in the gallery, you have a few options you can use to sort and share them. By default, your files are already in the main gallery and viewable by all members. If you like, you can create albums to sort them, you can link to individual files or whole albums, you can also hide albums from public view if you wish to.

    Before we get started, here's the main gallery menu (Home) and a few of the features available to you:


    1. My Photos - Takes you to a page showing all your uploaded pictures and any albums you may have created.

    2. My Albums - Takes you to a page where you can create and manage your albums (more on those later).

    3. My Favorites - Takes you to a page showing any pictures you have added to your favorites.

    4. Home - The main gallery menu.

    5. Search - If you need to know what a search is, go look it up on google... :D This is for searching the gallery, not the rest of the forum.

    6. Profile - Your gallery profile. This is your gallery profile, it is separate to your forum profile, you can enter your details or leave it blank, it's up to you.

    7. Upload Photos - If you need this one explained, please go back to the top of this tutorial and start again. :)

    My Albums.

    Using the "My Albums" page, you can create and manage albums to help sort your files. You can link to whole albums, or if you want you can hide whole albums from public view.


    To create an album, click on "create album". Give the album a name, and if you like, ad a description. You can also specify here whether or not you would like to show or hide the album from public view.


    When you have created an album, you will also be given a new option on the "Upload Photos" page to upload straight to one of your albums.


    Linking to Pictures

    When viewing an individual picture, there is some info at the bottom that can come in handy, like links you can send to people or use in posts.


    1. Linked Thumbnail - You can copy and paste this link into a post and it will show up as a thumbnail picture that links to the full size picture.

    2. BB Code - This link provides you with the bbcode (bulletin board code) for the picture. You can copy and paste this link into a post and it will show the whole picture in the post (slightly scaled down with a link to the full size picture). This may or may not work on other forums as well, depending on the forum software.


    The statistics page gives you information about your pictures... how many people have viewed them, which is most popular, etc. Also on this page is a link to your comments, which will list all the comments people have posted about your pictures.


    So now you have no excuse (unless the dog ate your camera). So get posting, and lets see some of those pics !!

    Here endeth the lesson... if there's anything I've left out or mistakes etc, feel free to point them out, I won't convert this to pdf just yet, in case it needs some tweaking, I've only been using the gallery as long as it took to write this tutorial so there's bound to be some stuff I missed.
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    Looks good to me! so far anyway ;) I am gonna run through it from a brand new perspective too and see what I think :D Been busy as heck though so if someone else has the time to proof it ;)
  8. jaffro

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    added a little bit about how to delete files, took me a while to figure that one out... :D
  9. paulhbell

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    I wanted to start putting photos in the gallery, but the upload photos tab is missing when I click on the gallery page. Can anyone help?
  10. cgutzmer

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    Try logging out using logout and logging back in. That shoudl clear your cookie in case its corrupt. If still problems let me know.

    Do you have these others a coupel inches from the top right?
    Home · Search · Profile · Upload Photos
  11. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    I have HOME, SEARCH, PROFILE. But no upload photos. I will try to log out, then log in. I will let you know what happens.
  12. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    No logging out didn't work. Still no upload photos tab, after logging back in. It did clear the cookies from though.
  13. cgutzmer

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    Its a permission problem. I cant see it when I log in with eh cardmodelers group... I have to ask peter cause I dont have access to the gallery permissions
  14. cgutzmer

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    Found it! try now please :) looks like it never worked for anyone that I assigned that special cardmodels group.... thanks for pointing it out!

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