how to train your dragon?

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    Legs look a little long and a little too thick, but otherwise it looks a lot better (my daughter - dragon expert - wanted me to tell you the wings are a smidgen short).
  3. how about now!

    i did the wings a bit wider a strech out look at it now and tell me is it ok or not?

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    The dragon expert says it's "Perfect." ;)
  5. thank you very much!

    ok that's it were ready to share instuctions comming soon!

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  6. i did the unthinkable!

    i did it! i really made the mouth move up and down! here are some pics to see for yourselfs!

    please do not!! glue these two parts together or the mouth will not move! instead slip the tobe inside the mouth pieces lift to right but? do not glue it in between the two holes of the night fury's jaws upper to lower parts instrustions comming soon!

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  7. here are the last instructions

    good luck to all that builds it!

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    Well done!
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    wow cool this is the best how to train your dragon papercraft we have seen so far! :)
  10. thank's i did all the work now it's time to build your very own toothless and night fury!

    good luck to all. please post your finnehed dragon here in the forums i like to see it too?
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    where can i download your dragon ?

    Maybe you could include your site in the message...

    I think many want your car-models too, they are just wounderful als well
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    Why not just zip all those images and upload them here. Would be easier that way, unless combined they are to large.
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    More dragons?

    It'd be great to see more of your dragons. I've built the Nightfury, Gronkle, and Terrible Terror from HP's papercraft, but kind of boxy.
  14. hi all i have a sulotion.

    i improved the legs and feet better. enjoy. now for the model parts two big huh???

    well let me see if i can do something about this.

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