How to scratchbuild a boat like this?

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by kitwrecker, May 18, 2007.

  1. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    Boats like this were common in my part of the world in 1900-1945. Need ideas how to create convincing models in HO. If someone has drawings and other guides how to accomplish this I would be most grateful.

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  2. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    Another one.

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  3. tverskaya

    tverskaya Member

    Balsa, plasticard and a lot of patience.

    I'm not sure if there are any good plans available, but it shouldn't be too difficult to draw something based on the photo's you posted. Once you have that, construction should be relatively straightforward.

    What's the exact place of the world you're modeling and do you have a specific prototype in mind for your ship?
  4. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    I live in the north of Sweden and the second boat is a photo taken by me just a couple of weeks ago. The boat is restored and function as a café.

    Yeah, it would be a lot easier if I had plans or drawings. :-|
  5. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    If the boat is restored, who ever restored it should have plans, or can tell you who built it. Maybe you can get plans from the builder.

  6. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    Nope! I have already asked the owner of the boatcafé. :cry:
  7. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    You may find a model of a boat you can take the hull from, and then build the superstructure above from styrene or wood. The way I see it, the hull is the hard part. You may also try carving the hull out of a solid block of wood. Making something like that with complex curves out of individual pieces is tricky.

  8. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    It would be much easier with plans or drawings from similar vessels.. that´s for sure. :neutral:
  9. tverskaya

    tverskaya Member

    North of Sweden, nice, that helps.

    I found some drawings of a boat which looks a bit like what you're planning to build: En presentation av fartyget M/S Gustaf Wasa

    If you have that boat floating just there nearby, you could start by maybe asking the owners of the café if they might have any plans of their boat there that you could see/copy/photograph. You might get lucky and they might even be happy to help you.

    Else you could take photographs from every angle (side, front, rear) which could serve as a basis for drawings. (And you should probably do that anyways for reference when detailing the model)
  10. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    Library, historical society? A boat modeling club?

  11. tverskaya

    tverskaya Member

    Make the pictures and I'll see if I can draw you some plans.
  12. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    I can upload another batch of pics on the local vessel, would be nice if you could make a drawing from that. But how to build a waterline vessel from that? Don´t know **** about boats really.. of course I could carve one out from a piece of wood but with no accuracy and I wouldn´t know how to construct decks and railings on that piece of wood..

    No one tried this out before? :-|
  13. tverskaya

    tverskaya Member

    Sent you a PM.
  14. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

    Sent you a mail.. :)
  15. Dave1905

    Dave1905 Member

    You could start with a smaller scale ship model for the hull, and main deck, then scratchbuild the deckhouse and pilot house.

    Revell made a fire boat that would be a really good start for that type of boat if a little big.

    I think RDA makes a boat similar to what you are trying to do.

  16. kitwrecker

    kitwrecker New Member

  17. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I did a bit of an internet search and found this kit from the U.K. It is 1/72 scale which is slightly bigger than ho (1/87 scale), but the hull looks to be about right. You would have to scratch build the superstructure, and probably cut off the bottom of the hull to put it "in the water" on a layout.

    Model Slipway - Kit Manufacturers of Scale Model Boats and Ship Models suitable for R/C. Specializing in tugs and workboats. Trent Class Lifeboat. Yorkshireman, Wyeforce and Al Khubar Tugs, Envoy Class tug, Englishman tug, Loyal Class Tender, Vliestr

    I tried to link the page for the specific model, but it loads as the home page only. The model I was looking at was the "steam drifter" kit code ms-25 listed as a mini kit.
  18. ironhorsejohn

    ironhorsejohn New Member

    Yes, the Revell firefighter boat hull would be an excellent starting point. You might even be able to use some of the superstructure. Unfortunately, I don't think its in production anymore, but you can find them on eBay.

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