How to prevent egg shaped tubes?

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    When rolling tubes or fuse sections how do you prevent the tube turning into an oval? Whenever I make them I find the tube goes into a point at the glue joint. Should I maybe use some thicker card to reinforce the joint?
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    what you might try is using broader joining strips... make a strip out of the same matherial as the part, so that your joint strip does not bend easyer than the rest. and make sure they overlap both ends of the joint by a generous margin. glue the strip to one end of the joint before shaping the part. than carefully shape the part and the attached strip (i usyally roll them around a brush handle or something similar) "dry fit" the part ( make sure both ends of the joint meet up and the part looks ok and not egg like as you describe) and and finally glue everything together. after gluing insert a brush handle troug the "tube" and shape everything again, making sure to put extra pressure on the joint so that it's all glued tightly.

    also when you roll the part "overshape" it... by this i mean roll it to i smaller diameter than the final part is to become. after shaping the parts will tend to unroll a bit again wich could put to much strain on a freshly glued joint... overshaping the part compensates a bit for this

    appart from what's mentioned above, if the kit doesn't have any, you might still considder making vertical formers of blukheads to make sure everythigns stays in shape...

    anyway hope this is at all helpfull as i'm by no means a professional :)

    happy glueing
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    totally agree with the above. That's the way i use too.
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    1) overcurl the inside edge so its curled into the tube and not flush against the outer surface. overcurl the outside edge as well, only then glue it flush against the the tab.

    2) print the tube twice, make the first one, and then wrap the original with the second, removing the glue tabs and using the first tube as a full body tab. you might want to make the orginal just a hair smaller.

    for other advise check out the faq's at:

    specifically look at the part about formers.
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    use the above mentioned techniques, then place a drill bit or dowel inside the freshly rolled and glued tube and roll back and forth.

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