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    All, Epson Japan has had some great promotional models that can't be DL or Printed out unless you have an Epson printer.

    At another site, someone posted this workaround:

    I grabbed the driver for the PX-S5040 (, because it has A3 support, Epson webprint also checks for this.
    After installing the printer, (PS don't use the included setup, go to the control panel, "Printers", right-click, "Add printer", "Local printer" and when it asks to choose the printer point to the extracted folder and choose the PX-S5040.
    After installing, access the new printer job queue and place the printer on "Pause".
    Next goto to the Epson site try to access the model, and it will ask to install the epson software, install it.
    Finally access the model, print it to the new printer, bear in mind that the webprint software only allows you to print 12 pages consecutively for the A4 versions and 3 for the A3.
    After all the print jobs have been sent, goto %systemroot%\System32\spool\PRINTERS, you will need administrative access.
    Copy all the .spl files somewhere safe and download SPLViewer (, install it, run it and use it to open the .spl files, you are now able to print these files to a pdf printer or other printer.

    If you are having trouble opening the spl files, try to change the printer processor. Right click on the printer and access its properties. Goto "Advanced", "Processor" and choose "NT EMF 1.008", save the changes, cancel all the print jobs and try again.
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    Is this something new, I use my Canon all in one and I have no problems printing the files, I open them up with either GIMP or paintshop pro and they print out ok.
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    I think Canon is trying to keep their models out of the hands of those pirating them. I am not sure about this, I know the info is out there. I am going to let it stand, but this is the limit. No assistance, the thread is locked. :finger:
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