How to enlarge parts in Pepakura?

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  1. For the holidays I've designed my first model: a sleigh, but pepakura made the parts very small so I had to enlarge them. So I transferred the parts to pictures and then made those pictures bigger, only problem is that it turned out a little blurry. Is there any way to enlarge pieces or entire models in Pepakura itself?
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    When you do the initial import you have the ability to set how big the entire model will be. I've not found a way to change it after that.
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    Resizing in Pepakura

    In your design draw a rectangle in the side elevation that touches the ends of your model.

    Run Pepakura you will get a lot of small bits or maybe big bits the wrong size

    Select "2dpattern window" select "scale up down specifying value" you will get a box with 2 values top is a measurement, bottom id a fraction in the bottom enter a number until your rectangle is a reasonable size to measure after printing out (ctrl P)

    find the ratio between the rectangle length and your required model length and multiply the bottom number in the size value box by that number.and replace the bottom window value.

    You should now get a full size drawing of your parts keep this number safe and use it to scale odd bits of the design if you want to. I suggest you do not use the top value it is not so safe.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Barry, I found your way the best. Thanks. :)
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    Mr.Barry thank you for the useful information.:) now i know :)

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