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    I have Fiddler's Green ME 262 in PDF format andI was wondering, is there a way to enlarge this model from the 1/72 scale into a larger scale such as 1/48th. If so do I need to convert the PDF file to a JPG? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    There are several ways of going about enlargements. If you have a printer that can handle it, you could do the rescaling directly from Acrobat by fiddling with the printer settings. My guess is that like most of us, after paying the monthly bills, there is little enough left over to buy a "near bottom of the line" printer, and getting a super-duper professional top-line model is just a pleasing daydream. FG doesn't lock their pdf files, so you can directly load them into the more recent versions of Corel Draw, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. and rescale using the image processor program. If you're lucky, you can do the resizing in vector format...however, despite contention of the diehart purists, enlargements can be done in raster format and still give a good looking final model. If you don't have an image processor that imports pdf files, there are still workarounds, and you can get to the same endpoint, but it is a lot more painful, since it usually involves making a series of screenshots, usually of pieces of the original parts pages, and then reassembling into a single parts page image. My usual approach is to load the pdf into Acrobat viewer, increase the image zoom to at least 200 percent, then build a set of screenshots that capture the entire area of the parts page. I then go into a raster image processing program (like PSP, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.), create a new large page file that is large enough to contain the full page image, and start importing and "collaging" the screenshots to rebuild the full image. Once the image is assembled, I then work with the image resolution and page size to give me the desired scale change. For example, if going from 1:48 to 1:32, the resized parts page needs to be half again larger in dimension than the original. If the original page lenth is 11 inches, the new page length needs to be 16.5 inches. When the pages are reassembled, they are too big for your printer, so you need to make yet another set of new pages with a paper dimension your printer can handle (letter, A4, etc.) and that has the same resolution (dpi) as the resized images. Now cut and paste the individual parts from the enlarged page to the final set of pages. For very large parts, it may be necessary to cut the part into pieces small enough to fit the letter (or A4, or whatever) size page and tape them back together after printing. All things considered, a long and involved process, and you really have to be a stubborn cuss to go through with it rather than just buying a kit it the desired scale.
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    Just a few addition's to Darwin's advice.

    First, Fiddlers Green (FG) models are not done in vector format, so you do not have the option to rescale in vector.

    Each page of the FG pdf consists of basically a jpg embedded within the pdf file. This can be directly extracted with Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, etc. In Acrobat Reader 6.x:

    1. Open the .pdf file in Adobe Reader.
    2. On the Tools menu, select to display the Basic submenu, and then click Select Image.
    3. Locate the graphic that you want to copy.
    4. Right-click the graphic, and then click Copy Image to Clipboard.
    5. Switch to your graphics program. Click the location where you want to paste the image, and then on the Edit menu, click Paste.

    Then resize as desired and save as jpg. Exact procedure may vary for other versions of Reader, but they will all do it somehow.


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