How to draw a cone template

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    I found an explanation of how to draw a cone template for those of us still working in 2D

    Link <-
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    I really like that! I've wanted something like that for a while. Thanks. :)
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    At the Jleslie48's site there's a page that illuminated me, pushing me towards the adventure to design models using Microsoft Word as 2D CAD software. The results are kindly hosted by Jonathan at this site page (the Sprint and Hibex missiles).
    In the page at the first link there's also a link to a shroud calculator, useful for calculate a cone.

    Here some hint that Jonathan gave me

    "As far as techniques for microsoft word/draw goes, I've included my way of
    of getting the circle section. I basically do what you do, with the cover up shape,
    but I use the custom freeform tool to get it just right.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the angle thing, are you talking rotation of say a line? I don't do that. I overlay a right triangle onto the circle, and compute the
    height and length of the sides of the triangle based on the trigometric tangent,
    tan X = opposite side/attac hed side.

    so if I need a 37.65º angle say, on a circle whose radius is 50 mm, I would
    solve the equation:

    tan (37.65) = A/60 I use 60mm because I want the triangle to be bigger than
    the circle, so the height side of the triangle lies outside
    A = 60 * tan(37.65) the circle.

    A = 60 * 0.77149

    A = 46.29mm.

    so I would build a right triangle with the dimensions 60 x 46.3mm, and put that point of the interior angle at the center of the circle. I'm sorta showing that in
    the file I attached."

    and here the attachement referred by Jonathan

    I hope that You can find useful my post.:)

    Enjoy, Nando
  5. B-Manic

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    Thanks Nando. The spread sheet with the calculator on Jleslie48's page is GREAT.

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