How to change the radio frequency of a small RC boat.?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by superxero07, Apr 14, 2007.

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    speaking on behalf of my uncle: Me and my son both have small remote-controlled watercraft, speedboat like toys. Both boats are on 49Mhz, and when one is running and the other's controller is pressed, the first stops running. I know its possible to change the frequency and my nephew (me!) is willing to try, since he's had some dealings with circuitry. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Note: i have gotten an answer to this question, telling me to purchase the RF crystals from radio shack and replace themnow my question is, what do these things look like? i have a few RC cars and such sitting around, and i have found in the controller what seem to be a small silver rounded rectangle which says 27.145 on it, but there is nothing of the sort that correspondes to it in the car itself. Also, in another car, i found a semiconductor chip type thing, a small black rectangle with something like 16 metal prongs on the bottom, and on the board above and below were 2 and
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    The crystal is the rectangular metal can. On some RC vehicles it is in a socket so that it can be changed. Don't disturb the chip. If the crystal is soldered in, you will have to desolder, by heating the solder with a soldering iron and sucking it up with a solder-sucker tool, or soaking it up with solder wick. (Then put in a socket, so that you can change the frequency easily next time.) Plug the new crystal in the same way the old one was facing; there is usually a pin 1 indicator, otherwise it will not work. You might also try going to a RC hobby shop, if there is one in your local area. Explain the modification you want to make,and ask them if they can give you any tips. It sounds like you have a bit of work ahead of you, but it should also be fun. Good luck!
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    You can also check out the forum on R C Universe. There are a lot of RC'ers discussing their

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