How to build a trestle bridge?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by berraf, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. berraf

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    I plan to build a trestle bridge over a small canyon on one of the modules on SER and I could need a good drawing and some building instructions on how to do it.
    Could someone give me advice about where to find a drawing, materials to use, instructions on how to build and so on. I know there are books on the subject but they are really hard to find in Sweden and I would like to start the work right away.

    I would really appreciated all good advices :wave:
  2. eve_9d9

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    there is a book called model railroad bridges and trestles....its available on ebay for less than 20 bucks.....I have a link here but for some reason it wont let me paste the link in my reply. The book is by Bob Hayden, hope that helps a little....the book does ship international so you shouldnt have a problem getting it. as for what to use to build it..........hmmmmmm.....I saw one built out of wooden coffee stirrers one time, looked pretty cool I use craft wood precut pretty much in whatever size I need, but you might not have that about wooden chopsticks? hehehe Im sure theres something out there small and square and made of wood.......good luck!
  3. eve_9d9

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    oh wait i guess the link did work...........cut me some slack its 5 in the morning here
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  5. Will_annand

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    If you take a look at the Jigs on this page, you will find one that should fit your idea.

    You can download them and print them out and you have your templates.
  6. nachoman

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    what kind of trestle, wooden or steel?

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  8. berraf

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    Thanks for all your tips!
    I will dig deeper into them later this evening :)

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