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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Nazgul, Jan 25, 2006.

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    At this point I would suggest that you consider the type of equipment you would like to run. Everyone (myself included) tends to over-estimate how equipment will work and look on curves. I suggest you review the NMRA standards:

    The curvature standards vs equipment are here:

    You may think your fine with tighter curves, until your kids decide they really want to run some longer equipment. Be careful what you decide. :)

    I'm in the planning phase myself. I intend to take my time with the planning until I've very conformable with the compromises I decide to make.
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    Here it is...the compromised bench plan. This plan can be expanded later as the opportunity presents itself. Both peninsulas are 4'-0 across and 5'-0 out from the wall. I'm keeping the aisles 30" (+ or -) wide. the bench height is going to be 40" high to make it possible for the boys to help without it becoming a hassle. Because of the size of the radiuii, I'm guessing steam is not really practical so modern era is probably way to go. My oldest has expressed an interest in a coal mining theme on at least part of the table. Continuous running is a must but I'll need switching and or a turn-table to keep interested i believe. some elevation change would also be hoped for. That's what I'm thinking... any questions or help will be appreciated. P.S. I fought for the original plan but was out-flanked.

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    It looks like those peninsula's are about 4' across. That would support a 22" minimum radius. A 22" radius will allow the operation of small steam, probably up to 2-8-2 freight locomotives and 4-6-2 & 4-6-4 passenger power. One warning though, steam engines are very delicate and not really appropriate for small children. If you are going to model in ho scale, f-units woudl be an excellent choice for the little guys until they get big enough to take care of the equipment. Bachmann makes some nice f-t's, and f-7's with 8 wheel drive. Athearn r-t-r f-units , or Lifelike p1k f-3's would all be good for kids. You could also look for some of the older Athearn switch engines at swap meets or train shows. The modern Athearn r-t-r switchers would be ok, but they come with plastic hand rails installed and may be a bit delecate. The up side is that if the plastic hand rails are broken off, the locomotives could be run without hand rails until the boys are older and then you could install brass stanchions with hand bent wire hand rails.
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    Will annand, that layout is awsome! HO is as small as I'm willing to go because I think the Boys would have a difficult time with N scale. But it does give me ideas, thanx. Russ, thank you for the useful info. I'll write it down and keep it in mind. :thumb:
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    Actually, modern era is not in general a good choice for limited space and smaller radius curves. The earlier the era, the smaller the rolling stock and locomotives, and the shorter the trains (if you care about being prototypical - it's not a requirement to enjoy the hobby!). The only exception to the rule happened in locomotive size with the switch from steam to diesel. Diesels do look better on sharp curves than later era steam locomotives. But 1st and 2nd generation diesels were considerably smaller than present day diesels.

    For small steam, small cars (frieght cars were just reaching 40ft in 1910), and shorter trains, before 1910 is your best bet. However, there's not a lot commercially available. Early diesels is your next best bet (F's, early GP's, SW's and their non-EMD equivalents) because car and train lengths really started to grow in the '60s. In the '50s, 40ft cars still dominated. Engines had 1500-1800 HP instead of todays 3600+ HP.

    However, the issue of era is mostly personal choice (if you even pick an era). Your boys may have particular desires to see very modern equipment, but then again they may be happy with an older era, too. There are quite a few of us who happily model eras we never saw in real life.

    yours in timing
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    Hi Steve, if you prefer the steam power (like I do) there are quite a few
    Americans, Moguls, Mikados, Consolidations, etc. which will fit very well
    on your layout. There are also logging companies to consider, which are
    typified by short lines, sharp curves, and steep grades, exactly conditions
    found on most smaller layouts!:D :D
    But, if you prefer diesels, by all means have at it, it's your railroad!:thumb: :thumb:
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    Fred and Cid, thanks for the useful info. It's nice to know that I have options. I want to thank every one who responded with all the great advise and expertise. It is much appreciated. I have a final question. I will be asking for track planning advise on this project now that the bench work is decided upon. Should I start a new thread in "track planning" or continue here?
  9. Ralph

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    Hi Steve,
    You can post your track plan in either forum. You seem to have attracted a lot of attention in this thread but the Track planning" forum also tends to get a lot of reponses from people into track plans too! Your call. :)
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    thanks Ralph, This was my first post at THE GAUGE and I can't say enough about the quality of the members here. I'm sure there are plenty of other things to do besides answer questions you've heard a million times before. But everyone was very gracious and patient and I appreciate it. I guess I'll move my track planning post to...where else, TRACK PLANNING! Any way, thanks everybody! :wave:
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    Of course, with children its all in how you "train" them, no pun intended. I still have the first trains I got when I was 7, some 15 years ago, and they still work great.:mrgreen: In fact, one time I recall throwing my shoe at a friend when he decided to play demolition derby with my trains. He regretted it later, and actually apologized about 10 years after the fact. :twisted: Teach kids to value their stuff, and it will last a long time, unless we're talking about 3 year olds here. In that case, best of luck. lol :wave:

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