How much room for ground throws?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by gmbrd, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. gmbrd

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    I'm thinking of installing Caboose Ind. ground throws 202 series but I can't find the actual footprint. I use Atlas custom #4 turnouts and am planning a tight ladder yard (2 inch centers). Can I install the turnouts end to end and still have room for the ground throws? I do hope this is understandable!
  2. Vic

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    I got an idea of what you are asking and I think that it will work.
    The caboose ground throws only fit to the Atlas turnouts one way and there will probably be room for both of them with the turnouts end to end. If not you could add just a short inch or so piece of straight between the ends of the turnouts. You might want to pick up a pair to fiddle with...they're cheap enough:D
  3. gmbrd

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    Thanks vic, That's what I think I'll do. I live in the sticks so I have to wait to get an order together and buy online. The S&H makes cheap items expensive.
  4. BillD53A

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    There are several answers available here. one is , as mentioned above, to use straight track to seperate the turnouts.

    Atlas turnouts have a throwbar extending on the straight side of the turnout. The throw bar is snapped on to the points, you can gently un-snap the points, take the throwbar out, reverse it, and snap it back in place.

    You can mount all the switchstands to one side, so a brakeman walking on the ground does not have to cross the tracks to throw switches. Use scale ties, stripwood, or styrene strips to build up a mounting base (criss-cross strips in both directions, kind of like this #). Use piano wire...regular copper or brass wire is too soft and will wear out soon... to connect the throwbar on the switchstand with the throwbar on the turnout. You can trim away the excess throwbar at the turnout, but leave it about 1/4" longer than the ties so it can move back and forth.
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