How much for a RTF Heli

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by dj6666969, May 3, 2004.

  1. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    what would be the cheapest price for a rtf Heli? Something easy to fly?
  2. alisar70

    alisar70 Member

    hey are these helicopters easy to fly or not.......?<<<<<<>>
  3. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    I dont know I dont have 1 I was wondering how much 1 ready to fly would cost....
  4. Heli-Boy

    Heli-Boy New Member

    Hey guys the Heli is not hard to fly if you have a skilled pilot on your side.I started on my own with the help of books , videos, and alot of online help.
    No RC heli is cheap. Look forward to spending at least $1000 to get started.Not to mention the cost of replacement parts after a few crashes.
    The expensive parts are:
    Radio $450+ fora a good one
    servo $100+ digital(thats for just 1
    starter + battery $35+
    Misc tools $50 pitch guage, ball link pliers,tach,temp guage
    The list goes on.
    Don't let that scare you cause the heli is the most fun RC vehicle ever.
  5. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    wow that is reallt outrageous for a rc u can buy a real car for that
  6. redheat

    redheat Member

    that would be a blast to have one and fly it. Are there any cheaper models out there that are easy to fly?
  7. GTO_Greg

    GTO_Greg New Member

    What, like a Yugo? You certainly can't touch a real heli for that -- that will pay for a few hours of flight time in the real deal.

    Try restoring an old muscle car. I am working on a '67 GTO and there isn't anything important on it that doesn't have a rice tag with a comma in it.
  8. NitroDRIFT

    NitroDRIFT New Member

    im selling my mini helicpoter rtf for 240.00 shipped
  9. rcmonster

    rcmonster New Member

  10. rcmonster

    rcmonster New Member

    search ebay key word:RTF Jabo 2 RC R/C helicopter Feda AeroHawk dragonfly
    or search ebay item number: 5927553567

    or seller: rcbeginners

    they sell Jabo 2 for USD115.99 only. with Free extra Battery Traning kit Crash kit Simulator line
  11. needachopper

    needachopper New Member

    hey everyone, i really want to get into flying rc helicopter, but dont have alot of cash to spend on one right now. so if anyone out there that has a helicopter that they wanna trade me please let me now, what i have to trade for is is a bolink lengends car that i have raced for 2 years and i won the championship last year for the lengends class, also placed 8th in the points out of 60 people. so the car hasent been abused. with the trade i will include everthing i own for the car example spar chasis, bunch of tires, radio, two if anyone is intrested please let me know. Cya
  12. jmroscoe

    jmroscoe New Member

    i have a dragonfly RC Heli from eBay.
    it is never over $400 in shops and i picked 1 up on eBay for $150.
    there is a few left.
    to see it search: RTF
  13. Semper

    Semper New Member

    My Walkera Dragonfly #60 was under 200.00 and has an all metal frame, belt-driven tail rotor and a nice blue painted aluminum finish. Well worth it. Try
  14. AVAS565

    AVAS565 New Member

  15. rcfun

    rcfun New Member

    I recently bought a dragonfly 4 helicopter from, the shipping was really cheap, about $8. I am thinking of buying the falcon helicopter, they also have it. I don't know much about the falcon, but it seems pretty cool.
  16. lspav8r

    lspav8r New Member

    Check it out, I have ope for sale, ready to go and it only needs on small part. A tail rotor pitch control arm. The price is right and I will throw in replacement parts too.

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