How many people here fly Nitro?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Starguard, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    Along with my Kamdax Mig-15, I also have two other planes

    1) A Size 40 Ryan STA powered by an O.S. LA 40 engine

    2) A Great Planes P-51 Mustang powered by a Magnum .061 Four-Stroke engine and Robart Retracts

    At this moment there is too much snow outside to do any flying, so I spand all of my flying time on the Grest Planes Simulator. I managed to get my hands on all of the additional Add-Ons except for #2.

    Anyone else here fly Nitro (size 40 or above)?
  2. keepiru

    keepiru New Member

    I fly nitro......when I'm not freezing my behoougies off in a blizzard! *G*
  3. SULLI

    SULLI Member

    i fly nitro in any weather im crazy enough to fly i have a
    P-51 Mustang as well but much larger 1 than urs i serpose as i have a o.s 125 onit also i am buliding a p-39 airacobra massive plane im look out for a o.s 125-190 4 stroke if any1 has 1 ansl a spitfire and a carosire can't spell it lol
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