How many of you are ex-service?

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  1. cmdrted

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    Very cool prowler, I was Weps on poseiden boomers 70s , wanted to fly back then but ear damage from dives etc prevented me from passing the flight physical, thanked the Navy and went to med school, as a civilian!
  2. Prowler901

    Prowler901 Member

    Cool! I've visited boomers, but never sailed aboard one. They are BIG boats ;) My sinuses are what caused me to move from aviation to subs.
  3. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    Ex Service

    Us Army, 24 yrs
  4. Triop

    Triop Member

    I used to drive a ambulance when I was in the army (yeeears ago...), but did not like that to much...
  5. eagleone

    eagleone Member

    Currently in

    Joined in Dec of 87' Active Army for 4 years. Two years in Germany and two years at FT. Stewart, GA. Will stationed in GA was deployed to the Persion Gulf. Spent 2 years in the Army Reserves in Seattle , WA. Went back into Active Army and spent 3 years at FT. Riley, KS got out and went back into the Army Reserves and ended up in Bothell, WA. In 2003 joined the Active Guard Reserve program and went to Arlington Heights, IL for initial tour and am currently back in Seattle, WA with the 70th RRC. Started out as a 13B Cannon Crewmember and then reclassed as a 71L and then changed to a 42A.
  6. paul a

    paul a Member

    USAF probably why i model a lot of aircraft
  7. kronos

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    US ARMY RANGER 1/75th
  8. Renaud

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    How I was... I was unsuccessful at attempting being an appointed artist, no need for it! The picture was taken soon before I was leaving. Behind me, one of my paintings they were asking from time to time, and ahead of me, from left to right, colonel Öttl, and colonel de Percin-Northumberland. Both French!
  9. ibmaupin

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    USAF brat from birth, then 9 years USAF (86 - 95). Blytheville, Aviano, Minot, Castle, Camp New Amsterdam (Soesterberg), Hurlbert Field, Offutt, Dhahran, Torrejon, Spangdahlem, Incirlik, Langley... B-52's, F4E's, F-15's, F-16's, A-10's, and my last squadron was F-4G's (YGBSM)....
  10. RacerX

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    USAR here, 96f which they changed while i was in to 37f, so im both :)
  11. Padre

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  12. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    :grin: 22 years, 5 months and 3 days US Army.:grin:
  13. Snyperkitty

    Snyperkitty New Member

    8 years USAF: 87 to 95:

    half of that was spent in avionics systems backshop on F-111s (EF, D, and F series). I think they've mothballed them all, but I'd love to get my hands on an Aardvark papermodel. One of the coolest jets every build IMHO
  14. rickstef

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  15. Snyperkitty

    Snyperkitty New Member

    rickstef, this rocks! I can't tell you how psyched I am to see this!!! Very thoughtful of you to point me to this link.
  16. Captain Rhino

    Captain Rhino New Member

    23 years USMC, about 50/50 enlisted and officer. Retired 1990.

    Love the ship models I see here. Especially the recent 1/200 Zuikaku. Sweet. I can only hope ...
  17. James Schultz

    James Schultz Member

    Navy and Air Force Vet

    I was in the Navy 1973-1977 and Air Force 1987-1994.
  18. johnflys2

    johnflys2 Member

    Usaf !954-!958 Sac
  19. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    US Army '89-'92

    last combat action of Pattons 2AD. Served on M1A1. This is me looking over 1 of our kills.

    View attachment 12518

    Tiger Brigade.........HOOAA!!
  20. dennis

    dennis New Member

    USAF; DIGITAL ELECTRONICS[adding machine]

    Worked on the T-2(before it was transisterized) In First Air Force, 772 RDSQ in Gibbsboro N.J.
    I developed a love of aricraft as a youngster. My dad was an airframe specialist(mechanic). Got to visit the hangers a lot in the early to mid 50's.
    Every time I got ready to take flying lessions, the price of gas jumped.

    Scissors Rocks Paper

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