How many of you are ex-service?

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  1. rickstef

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    my assignment to the Marine Corps base was fun one for me too, i couldn't get into the services, pre-exsisting medical conditions.

    but my interest in military hardware goes back to having lived in the Netherlands, seeing alot of Nato planes, the KLu, and ground based hardware, got me going

  2. 46rob

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    The military experience is much different than being a race car driver, or other civilian career, with the possible exceptions of public safety related occupations, such as police and firefighters. When in the service--it's 24-7, 365--Even when you're "off duty"--you're subject to recall at any time. It's a totally different experience than working for Raytheon, Microsft, or Fred's Hardware. Military units have reunions .--they're attended by foks who have served in years past and those currnetly serving. When was the last time Hewlett Packard had a reunion? We don't forget our comrads' in arms, or our adventures. I've been out of uniform for nearly twenty years, but I still dream about it nearly every night. Not nightmares--not adventure--just still serving in my mind. If you want to be a pilot---head to your nearest flight school. If you want to serve your country--join the RAF.
  3. Rick Thomson

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    Canadian Airforce 76-83, mostly on Starfighters, and T-33's, but also Dakotas and Twin Hueys.
  4. angevine

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    I would have loved to have been a pilot.

    The closest I got was during my time with the ATC flying chipmunks, Buldogs and Gliders.

    Now my only experiance has been with the AH64 Apache simulator with Westland Augusta 8)
  5. blueeyedbear

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    Military service and models

    I served a 21mo hitch as a draftee (an early-out to get back to college) in the tail end of the Korean war era. I was a telephone pole-lineman stationed at Fort Devens, Mass., before our company clerk was discharged and the CO found out that I could type, so I got the job!:grin:

    I am NOT interested in a phone-pole model or one of an early '50's manual typewriter!:grin:

    I grew up during WWII, East of Denton, Texas. Many, many P-51's, P-38's, AT-6's, B-17's, B-24's, B-29's and eventually B-36's flew overhead on their way from factory to war. A V of V's of B-17's or P-51's was not uncommon! Denton is about 50 miles from Dallas and Fort Worth and I have no idea how many aircraft factories there were in the area, plus planes on their way to Europe from the West coast.

    Hendlee Field was about 2 miles north of our small farm. Hendlee used contracted trainer pilots to teach brand-new 2LTs to fly Piper L-4's for service in the European Theater. Needless to say, if the wind was out of the South, we had a continuous stream of pilots practicing touch-and-goes! One student pilot dropped his wallet out of his plane and my dad found it after the war and actually succeeded in returning it to him!:grin: :grin:

    Anyway, I became an airplane enthusiast while I was in grade school and have focused on WWII military planes, first in balsa wood, then MUCH later in 1/72 plastic with lots of detail (I hate to brag, but I was a competition class model builder), and now in paper, with as much added detail as I can scratch-build. (No storage space in our RV, so I can afford to build paper models to give to friends and neighbors.)

  6. dwgannon

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    USAF - 1979 - 1992 - Got out after the fisrt gulf war. I love the WWII - current aircraft. KC-135A/R Crew Cheif. B-52D/G - B-1B Aircraft Repair. I loved the heavys.
  7. ulious

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    84-88: US Navy Mineman
    89-96: US Army Airborne Infantry

    I never had a thing for ships, guess that's why I was in the field of sinking them.
    Unless I wanted to build a C-130, C-17, C-5 or Huey not much from my Army days.

    On the other hand I do have a fondness for WWII armor, prior life I guess.
  8. FredZ KSAC

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    Rickstef, If you are interested in heli's, check out the following: 'Vertical Challange',51.0.html 'US-CA-Vertical Challange'
    Vertical Challange is an all heli air show presented at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. I was co-announcer [and have been for the past four years] Very interesting show. As a side note, this year the only flyable Hiller Hornet raj-jet powered copter was FLOWN! Neat!
    Fred Zealor [ with no military time whatsoever! Eye chart, what eye chart??
  9. Jim Nunn

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    US Navy served in the Blue Water and Brown Water Navy during the fiasco in Southeast Asia. My modeling focus is Armor but I would love to build a paper model of the Riverine boats I served on PBR’s, Zippo’s and Monitors.

    Jim Nunn
  10. mikew

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    Not ex-, but currently active duty USAF, just over 14 years in.

    Mike W.
  11. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Mare Island

    NIOTC, NIOTC don't be blue.

    Nukey Pooh Will Think For You...,

  12. tf34mech

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    USAF, Air National Guard and Dept of Defense Civillian Technician.
    B-52, F-15, C-130 and now the A-10!
  13. George

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    I did my compulsory military service in the Infantry of the Swedish Army in the late 70s. It's quite strange feeling to "be" a serviceman in a country that
    not have been involved in a military conflict since 1814 when we had a war with our neigbours in Norway.
    Sweden is still, my personal view, quite succesful in producing both great planes and ships (surface and underwater). As I'm in a position right now not to be able to build much (small children, new house, new job, summer,wife) I do collect as many card models as possible that have a connection to Swedish military forces.
  14. TheWebdude

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    Worse than that Ash, I used to hang out of them on a rope! :twisted:
  15. SCEtoAux

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    US Navy. Mainly on Frigates and Destroyers. Engine room main propulsion with steam turbines then gas turbines. Ya know, like a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed a lot of s**t. :yep: :lol:
  16. -Jim G

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    cold warrier

    USAF 1975-1979 weapons mechanic (bomb loader) Bitburg AB Germany and Luke AFB AZ

    I worked on F-4C,D, & E s and also F-15A & B.

    -Jim G
  17. airbob

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    Ex service

    :twisted: Retired Army....drafted 1966...spent 1 year in Vietnam and watched the F-4 land at Bein Hoa...the "lead sleds" were cool with thier nose up landing attitude....also got a nice picture of a U-2 then....jeeze...they stand on thier tail and go almost straight up....also was close to a crashed C-47 Puff...till the ammo started going off...the area cleared rapidly....saw one ot the Cessna twin-engined jets crash (dragonfly?)...I think it was flown by the South Vietnamese....I love commercial as you well know....but still retain my fascination of all airplanes...was a "plastic model junkie" in the late 50's and early 60's....
  18. hpept

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    Yes Ash, it was, and presently it is. Maybe not everybody knows that Camp Darby, located at Tirrenia, a tiny town on the seaside, 10 kms away from Pisa centre, is the biggest US Air Force ammo arsenal of the world out from USA ground.
    Have some infos here:
  19. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    I remember Camp Darby. My ship pulled into La Spezia once in the late 1970's. The US Navy wasn't giving the individual coffee messes coffee anymore, we had to buy our own. Me and a couple of other guys took the train to Pisa then a taxi to Camp Darby to buy a bunch of coffee at the commissary. Never did go see the Leaning Tower, though. :(

    That part of Italy sure is pretty. Lots of nice architecture and countryside. The best times I remember in Italy were in the La Spezia area and on the other side in the Trieste area. :)
  20. modano1

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    Active duty- U.S. Coast Guard. Currently underway, making models between watches. Will post what I accomplished, when I return to home port in October.

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