How many of us are rated pilots?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Willja67, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Al hazlet

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    Got started on private pilot years ago (83-4), did about 7 hours and ran out of money/free time to get it done. Now I have one good eye (retinal detachment left a scar across the center of focus on the bad 'un) so I doubt I'd pass the medical...
  2. FlyGuy

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    Student pilot - 80+ hours, just a few short of the coveted license. My last flight (over a year ago, sadly) was the "long" solo cross-country. Overflying the field for my second stop, I had to dodge a glider which was observing radio silence, and then found myself in the way of A p-51 on a straight-in final... I'm still not sure if I actually cut him off or not, but I'm sure he had a few choice words about student pilots. So, now I can honestly say I've had a Mustang on my tail, and lived to talk about it!:-D

    God willing (and wife willing!), I'll find the resources to finish the license requirements, and add an IFR & multi rating. I also have the distinction of being one of the few one-handed pilots out there. So if you think card-modelling would be tough with only five fingers, try landing a little tiny Cessna in front of a 737, at night, at a big unfamiliar airport, after being bombarded with "lost procedures" by an instructor, whose only insidious goal, is to catch me screwing up... :)

    Gotta love it!
  3. sakrison

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    Private Pilot SEL w/taildragger rating

    I've been flying since 1990, when I was hired as the editor of two aviation magazines--CESSNA OWNER and PIPERS. As editor, I flew a lot of other people's airplanes, including most Piper and Cessna singles. Writing for EAA Sport Aviation Magazine and EAA's AIRVENTURE TODAY, I've flown homebuilts and kit planes. I've had spin training in a Stearman Biplane and basic aerobatics in a Super Decathlon. Earlier this fall I went hedgehopping in friend's Wilga.

    Most of my time is in a Cessna 172 (the current Ripon Area Flying Club airplane), and Piper TriPacer (former RAFC plane). I flew it from Ripon, Wisconsin (near Oshkosh) to Memphis, TN and back last month. The club is based at Myers Field (WI67), a private grass strip just west of Ripon, that is home to seven aircraft.

    My father flew C-47s and C-46s in Europe in WWII, after instructing in C-47s for two years. He quit flyng when the war ended but I grew up on his stories of the planes he flew and the men he flew with. I guess it was inevitable that I would fly.

    No worries,

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  4. milenio3

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    Wow, you guys are inspiring on card modeling and on flying.

    I love planes, and I love to fly (until now only as a passenger). But holding my hopes to start lessons next year.
  5. PaperEngTech

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    Have been flying for 34 years. Have Commercial, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument. Also fly remote control airplane and helicopter models. I like any airplane whether it is made of metal, composites, balsa or my favorite - paper!

    We all share a common bond whether we are full scale pilots or not.

  6. Zathros

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    I solo'd in 17 hours. I have 90 hrs. solo time. Did all the cross countries. Major setback. I have a experimental stimulator attached to the nerves in the back of my head for pain management (1st of 20 people in the country to get it) to manage pain. FAA doesn't know what to think of it. Sport license is looking good for me too. I have been thinking about making a small Ekranoplan. I have a small machine shop mig/tig welders and a lot of know how (9 years as a machnists at Sikorsky Aircraft, went to school for electronics technician course)). I just don't have the money. My son and family come first. I just turned 49, so the clock is ticking on this.
  7. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Flying is a way of life!

    Anybody here a MU-2 vet. The Rice Rocket is my little girl. I do not fear her, (I know the way of the MU, (LOL)).


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