How many Me109s or Bismarcks do we need?

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    For me, I look at the ME109 as a benchmark for a commercial designer.

    Since that plane has been designed to death, there should at least be a general idea as to how a properly designed and assembled 109 looks like. That would make the 109 a good and stable benchmark for would be commercial designers to show their prowess.
  2. ... which is exactly why my designer Cor van Haasteren and I selct originals of which no good paper model existed so far. Unfortunately, such planes tend to be less well known, so buyers ignore them... Over six months, we (, series Paper Trade) sold only 50 copies of the Fokker Friendship F-27, which used to fly all over the world... More examples: a highly detailed Fokker G-1, a Catalina, a Fokker T-V, a very recent and unusual Dutch navy vessel Johann de Witt... all highly detailed, and definitely aimed at above average builders. And no, they are not cheap or even free: the designer doesn't live on air, and professional printing is not cheap either - but always better than home prints. Worth the money.
    Please have a look at my website, or visit my New Photo Collection on Flickr for larger pictures. And by the way: you are kindly invited to send pictures of your own favourites for this 'virtual exhibition', either direct or via Yousendit or similar:

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    I think this old post has some poionts. It is one reason a lot of people come to this forum. The emphasis on Science Fiction and odd models seems to attract some, though we have some of the best armor builders in the world regularly posting. I would love to see a really super detailed bus, with seats and everything else inside, suspension, engine, transmission. There area lot of vehicles I would lkie to see that are not military but are just parts of our lives. A British doubledecker bus, super detailed.

    I think one problem with the Fokker F27 was that there was a really nice free version of that plane available here: and quite a few others,but I applaud your design of the craft. I am presently starting the build of the Dornier DO24 there.

    I would like to see a nice Chevy P-Chassis that could then bur converted into a UPS truck, a camper, or whatever else the millions of those chassis where used for. :)
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    on that note there are a lot of Cold War Missiles that have never been done. Mace, Matador, Minuiteman , Pershing, to name just a few
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    My two cents worth.... I see a lot of the same models out there, downloaded some. As a total beginner, some of them are waaaay too complicated, so those are for the master builder. The simple ones are the ones I'll start with. But it's nice to know there are different levels. But there can be too many of a single subject.

    On another note, have to agree with Zathros. I would love to see cutaway models of many things. Small ships, vehicles (tanks in particular), various aircraft, spacecraft etc.
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    I think you're right.

    The truth of the matter is though that people buy certain things. A few years ago I thought the same thing. I had been reading some of my grandfathers letters and found references to the Sopwith one and a half strutter. He thought it flew very well and feared the wings falling off the Nieuport. I found a famous air crew and copied the plane. I only sold a couple.
    Undaunted I decided to try an unusual Fokker, the D II. I think I sold one.
    Still pushing on I did another Fokker, the B II. I sold none.
    I thought it might be that the planes are too obscure. I made the Albatross D II of Herr Richtofen. Spent almost a year perfecting it and found it oon Rapidshare within a week, having sold only one. I have spent the last year and a half learning Currell Draw and Rhino to make better models. This time I think I will do something commercial so my time is not wasted.

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