How many funtcitions to i need please?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Why me, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Why me

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    :oops: :confused: Hi guys looking to run all my bli locos with flesichmann DCC controller it has 8 funtcitions will that be enought to cope with the blis please ty in advance.mike
  2. MasonJar

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    Hi Mike,

    Hope you and your family/friends are all ok after the attacks in London today....

    As for your question, I believe that Broadway Limited locos will work fine on 8 functions. unless you have *lots* of lighting or sound effects, I can't think of why you would need more. These are the function controls on my Digitrax Zephyr that I use with my steamers:

    F0 - headlight
    F1 - bell
    F2 - whistle (horn)
    F3 - coupler sound
    F4 -
    F5 -
    F6 -
    F7 - dim light
    F8 - mute

    F4 - F6 are all free (plus F3, as I do not have a decoder with a coupler sound on it). That should give you lots of room.

    When in doubt though, check with Broadway... Good luck!

  3. docmanago

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    For me

    Digitrax Zephyr + UT4 is the best, to day. Or, wait soon for the NCE PowerCab tarter system, rated at only 1 amp.

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