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  1. mapuc

    mapuc Member

    How long time does it take you to build a model?

    I know it depends on how big it is and how many part there's in the pakage.

    I also build boats in wood and I'm on the Nordkap from Billings and I'm only halfway and it has taken me about 1 year until now.

  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    you answered yourself, depends on the model

    some simple one sheet models I can do in one hour, others will take weeks or months, depends on my schedule too.

    and it totally depends on the kit that i am building too, some of the bigger kits, will build fast too.

    there is no rush to any of it, this is after all a hobby.

  3. mapuc

    mapuc Member

    Same here. What's more important is don't build if you not in the mood for it and should you fail, then there's no harms done, you can always find a way to fix it.

  4. Bob Ebophalus

    Bob Ebophalus Member

    I don't have that much time for cardmodeling, so it takes me one to several months to finish a fairly complicated model (3-4 pages). :( I wish I had more free days.
  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    I agree with all...depends on the model and the time you have available to work on it. Pretty straight forward concept, actually...but I can tell you this...I build wooden ship models too and it takes no where as long to build paper models as it does wooden ship models. :lol:

    It will probably take me a total of about four months to build my WHV 1/250 Constitution, half of it is just because I'm doing a little more to the kit than the kit calls for. I figure if I built her straight from the kit it would have been done already, say in two months actual working time, tops.

    The larger ship models tend to take a bit longer because there is a good deal of parts to build, although if you take one of the more detailed airplanes or buildings, it might take just as long.

    One of the things I love about paper modeling is having most of the model pre-colored, and the relative ease of working with card to make the details compared to working on fittings made of wood, brass, Brittania metal, etc. Besides, as Markus said, even if you make a mistake or don't like the way something came out you can usually start over again without a whole lot of time having been wasted. Try doing that with a ship model after spending a few weeks just planking the hull. :wink:

    As Rick said, time is not one of the factors that should really be a problem, after all it's the time spent in building the model that gives me the pleasure, that's what makes it a great hobby. I just moved my work area from the garage into my spare room for the winter, so I figure it will be a whole lot easier to just do a bit here and there as free time comes up. Before, I had to set aside building time on the weekends so as not to ignore my family commitments the rest of the time. Above all things, just take your time and enjoy the time you do have available to build, that's the whole point.


  6. thomas-r

    thomas-r New Member

    My personal rule of thumb is "10 pieces per hour". For larger models (more than 500 pieces) this gives a quite educated guess of the needed working hours.

    For T. Pleiners new nuclear power plant (approx 3200 pieces) I needed 321 hours.
  7. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi all,

    I never know how long it takes to finish ( what the hell is finish........:roll: ) a model. modeling should not create more stress like work. so it may happen, that sometimes I even do not finish a model. I only keep records when I started a model :wink:

    cheers from austria
  8. Renaud

    Renaud Member

    Khalif Omar said in these old times (VII th century) that you have to expect to die at any time, may be tomorrow, but on the contrary you have to set on any project you are involved in as if you were living for ever.
    This is not, especially the second part, suitable for Harvard-educated people.
  9. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Finish a model? You mean, cut out all the parts and stick them all together? ALL of them? So there is nothing left to do?

    Wow, what a fantastic concept! I must try it some time....

    Tim P

    wunwinglow, King Procrastinator....
  10. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    I don't know how much actual time I devoted to any model I finished, I just don't keep track of it really. And since I do this to relax, I don't care.

    I have several models in my stash that I can easily imagine taking a year or more to finish, I just haven't got brave enought to start them yet.

    For me, the building is meditative. There are plenty of times I feel the details have become tedious, and repetative, and I begin to feel impatient. At those times I work harder to control my own anxiety over finishing, and keep plugging away. In the end, the model looks better, and I have spent hours not worrying about life's various problems.

    So if it takes me 3 years to build my Bismark (once I actually start it, that is), it'll all be time well spent to me.

    But of course I've also lost interest in a model after a while and given it to my son to play with too. :)

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