how long does it usually take?

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  1. hello everyone, i sprayed both my GP9 shells yesterday with floquil sparay paint from a can. the color is engine black. how long does it usually take to dry before i can apply the gloss layer? i can pick the shells up, and there not sticky, but i can still smell the paint odor. are they dry yet? they have been in side and in the air conditioneing. thanks!:confused:
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    No, they are not dry if they smell of paint. If you can spray over them with clear depends on the type of clear. Not all paints are compatable and will wrinkle if incompatable paint is sparyed over them. The greener the paint the more pronounced the problem. When I am paining with paints I know little about I always spray a test something at the same time and use it to experiment on. A test something can be a piece of leftover plastic from a model kit. Then I test my next coat on it before i spray my precious model. More than once this saved my bacon. Most paints BTW take 3 or more days to be really dry. Fred
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    Since I use an airbrush gun, my paint is usually dry within an hour (low California humidity). If I have to paint two colors, I use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
    I agree with dash10 that you should use a left over plastic piece to check your paint for all kind of possible disasters. I actually use cheap Airfix airplanes I got once for $1.99 each for that purpose.
  4. Ray Marinaccio

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    Your drying time will depend on how thick the paint is, as in how many coats.
    I don't have experience with the Floquil spray paint from cans, I use Floquil, thinned and sprayed with an air brush.
    I wait at least 24 hrs. to apply decals or add clear.
    You may want to wait longer, I use an automotive fast dry lacquer thinner that speeds up the drying time.
    I haven't had problems with a base coat of Floquil lifting or wrinkling.
    Although I have had problems when I tried to put Floquil paint over acrylics or enamels. What a mess.
    I decided not to put enamels over acrylics and not to put lacquer over acrylics or enamels and haven't had that problem since.
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    well i use the Wal-Mart .94 a can spray paint it drys pretty fast and i never use clear till after i put the decals on. i wait 24 hours or more somtimes i wait as must as a week before decaling but then a clear coat it at about 4 to 6 house later. then i weather then clear again.
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    Acrylic is so sweet. I try to use it exclusively. You about can't go wrong, and if you do you just wash it off.

    Ray, my understanding is the rule of thumb, acrylic (or latex or other water based stuff) can go over anything, but nothing can go over them, except more acrylic (or latex or other water based stuff). :D It's what I follow and never have a problem. Works with models as well as painting the kitchen, garage or trailer. :D

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