How is it possible for an RC helicopter to fly upside down?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by hkman1976, May 2, 2008.

  1. hkman1976

    hkman1976 New Member

    I have seen a few models now that can fly upside down for sustained periods without losing altitude. How is that possible? Do the blades change position or something? It seems to me that if you turn a chopper upside down it should power straight into the ground.
  2. mickmac

    mickmac New Member

    Tha attitude i.e the angle of the rotors change, though they dont fly well upside down
  3. s??s???e~

    s??s???e~ New Member

    Yes, the blades on the main rotor simply rotate so that they are opposite to their normal postions; so obviously, the lift would be on the other side of the main flying upside-down would become possible~
  4. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 New Member

    On helicopters with collective pitch (meaning the blades can pitch up and down), which runs independent of the blades RPM, you can cycle in negative pitch when inverted.

    The end result might look like the following picture... ;)

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