How I can change a model color?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by Alcides, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Alcides

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    I've searched for this topic but I can't found it.

    This is may question: I've a pdf file, for example: fwd-25.v1.pdf from

    I want to change the colors. How I open the pdf?

    I've the Adobe Professional software but I can open the file and change the text only.

    I'm missing something? I've to use another tool?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. thewoodengraver

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    Open the file with Adobe Photoshop, from there you can change what you want.
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  4. rowiac

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    If you don't have Photoshop or another image editing application that will open PDF files, you can use your Acrobat Professional to save the sheets as an image format such as JPG or TIF that can be edited in common image editors. The free Adobe Reader will not allow you to do that BTW.

    Also, if you are lucky enough to have Adobe Illustrator, you can open the PDF and edit it directly. This is possible because the file you mentioned is a vector file (as opposed to a bitmap) and it's not protected, so Illustrator will open it.

  5. 46rob

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    If you don't have any of that expensive software--you can down load GIMP--which is freeware, and works similarly to Photoshop. Not only will it open a pdf--it'll open most other commonly used graphics formats and allow you to manipulate them. Another alternative is Adobe Photoshop Elelmnts, which can be had cheaply --try ebay for the older versions. I actually prefer 2.0 to the later versions....has more of the same feel as Photoshop.
  6. thewoodengraver

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  7. Alcides

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    Thanks !!! for the kindly answers

    Well I think I have several options, here.

    At least I have Photoshop elements ( A bundled with my last digital camera or) and GIMP.

    The links to the tutorial are great.

    Thanks again.

  8. GT5500

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    That first link to re-colouring is very helpful but say I want to do a totally differnt colour scheme in wrap around. How do I draw the coloured sections on the different parts so that they all line up when the model is made?
  9. tausugAir

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    Hi, GT5500 ... I do have similar problem (or project?). Perhaps, by making a low resolution copy of the original and building it first then HAND drawing the camo pattern to have an approximation for redoing same on PC is what I thought my approach...or is there a better technique?!! Best regards,

  10. 46rob

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    When I do camo I use a pair of dividers with plastic tips and take measurements right on my monitor's screen. With the dividers in my left hand, I operate the mouse with my right and transfer the pattern from one section to another--just using a drawing tool. Later I go back with a soft edged brush and draw in the camo borders over the original lines.
    Another technique is to copy each segment as a separate layer. Then you can move and rotate the layer against it's mate to get a good lineup. Finally, when I'm starting a new model--I print a plain white version, and draw in the panel lines and such with a pencil. I cut apart the segments and scan them back in and refine the markings, and duplicate it for the opposite side, in Photoshop Elements. Hope this helps.
  11. GT5500

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    Right I am trying to re-colour a model at the minute, the clour scheme I am doing is has lots of scallop shapes with crisp edges. When I draw these in photoshop I get a horrible jagged edge, I have tried to setting the edge feather but then I get a soft line instead if a crisp edge. How can I achieve a nice crisp edge, is there nothing that can work to less then 1 pixel?
  12. GT5500

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    Just figured it out, I was opening the file at 23 pixels per inch in PS, tried it at 300 and its much better.

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