how hard is it to renumber a loco

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    My friend and i just got 3 more u330c in the d&H lightning strip my question is how hard is it to just renumber a unit?

    we now have some of the same road numbers. we have 2 .#262 3 .#260 and 1 .#254

    i am trying to talk him into renumbreing them .and he seems to think its a hard job .and i would like to have a big roster of u33c when we buld that big dream layout right now the biggest layout thay will run on at this point is mine at
    14'x 11'
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    The hard part of renumbering is removing the old number. Depending on how the old number was applied, you can try:
    Solvaset. a decal softening liquid from the hobby shop.
    A pen eraser or fiberglass pen. rub very lightly - you only want to remove the number, not the whole layer of paint. This leaves the surface dull, but it should not be too noticeable after it's re-lettered. You may want to touch up with gloss finish.
    Paint over the number.

    Next hardest part is finding decals that match.

    When you've relettered, you may want to weather the loco to hide the alterations.
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    Microscale offers number sheets and letter sheets in virtually all of the popular railroad letter styles. They also are offered in white, yellow, & black. They may be offered in red as well, I don't remember.
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