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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Kaz, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    Found this on a different forum, thought you'd like to have a look at it
    Have you ever wondered if your anti-virus software is really working? Would you like to see what happens when it detects a virus? Here's a safe way to test your computer's virus protection that doesn't require you to have a real virus.
    First, open Notepad. Then copy and paste into it the text on the line below. (It should all be on one line.)


    Then select File, Save, select All Files for the file type, then save the file as

    Your anti-virus software may prevent you from saving the file as, which is a sign that it is working effectively. If it doesn't raise an alert, try scanning the folder where you saved To see what happens if you try to run a file containing a virus, double-click to open it.

    The file you have created is completely safe. It is not a virus. It is a standard test file developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research (EICAR). All anti-virus products are programmed to detect this file as if it was a real virus. Therefore you can safely use it to test whether your anti-virus software works, without fear of infecting your computer.

    Eicar is here
  2. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    And it works, too. My Norton Anti-Virus picked it up the minute I tried to save the file and would not let me. Following the details link provided by Norton verified the information.

    Good tool.

    Thanks, Kaz! :-D
  3. sergiotang95

    sergiotang95 Member

    My McAfee didn't let me save either. Interesting...
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    my Norton's picked it up after i saved it, and then deleted the file after the software picked it up
  5. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    darn i have to check my security, LOL. it must be off... cause it didn't pick it up. thanks for the tip!
  6. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    well, it let me save it but when i tried to open it, it asked if i wanted to move to vault. Using AVG...nice to know it works.
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