How do you stop/prevent/end drug dealers and their 'ho's and car break-in

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by jack7122003, May 9, 2008.

  1. jack7122003

    jack7122003 New Member

    networks from ruining your area?
  2. misslolgirl

    misslolgirl New Member

    Just move, it's all over.

    And anyone who says "neighborhood watch" has never had their house torched in retaliation
  3. bobe

    bobe New Member

    Call the Guardian Angels or start your own neighborhood watch program with night time patrols. Soon enough you will run them out of your neighborhood.
  4. Toffy

    Toffy New Member

  5. Christ's witch

    Christ's witch New Member

    legalize every thing they deal in except the car theft & governmentally regulate it!

    create a redlight district for the ho's as you called them!

    In Japan the hookers are considered "working girls"& have to pay taxes like any one else & have a medical card showing they are clean of any disease if it is marked by a special stamp only government regulated doctors have!

    add to this government funded free clinics to deal with addicts who want to get clean!

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