how do you make a trestle?

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    Hello all,

    My father and I are building an N scale layout and plan to make a trestle for show. Where can I get parts for a homemade trestle??? Any techniqes that could help me?

    Thanks for your help[​IMG] ,
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    For materials, I recommend using basswood. It's a bit more sturdier than balsa wood, but soft enough to work with easily. It also looks good painted or stained.

    As for tricks and tips, I highly recommend you build a jig. It's a bit more work up front, but it will ensure that all your "bents" are the same and line up nicely.

    Check out this link for some information:

    While you could go out and purchase one, it's quite easy to make your own.

    Another suggestion would be to avoid the following: curves and inclines! While both possible, it adds another level of difficulty that I had to learn the hardway!

    Here's a picture of the one I did. Hope this helps!

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