how do you make a grade

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    i was woundering how you guys here make grades. i am putting one on my layout and dont really know how to make one. i was going to make little trusses (spelling?) out of tooth pick. but i need other ideas. please post some pics of your grades so i may learn. also explane them.

    thanks in advance 13Mt.:)
  2. LIRR

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    Woodland scenics track risers.
  3. LIRR

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    Cardflappin' double post.
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    If you are using a plywood table top, cut out the board along both sides of the track where you want the grade and bend it up. You will get a nice transition curve up into the grade, and if you bend it back to flat at the top of the grade, you will get another nice transition curve. The thing you want to watch out for on grades is a verticle curve that will tend to uncouple cars.
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    this is how i am making mine its woodlands secnics foam risers system the one in the pic is the 2% grade one part of the risers is 16 feet long so the hole thing you see is 24 feet long end to end and at the top of the grade its 4" high

    they make a 3% and a 4 % also the 4% is 8"feet long so with the up and down it would be 16 feet in all . and remember to buy two one to go up and one to come down

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