How do I wire remote switches

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by redbarn03, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. redbarn03

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    I am building an o-scale train layout for my son and I have run into a problem with the remote switches not switching correctly using the track voltage. The K-Line switches work great with the train off the track and the control throttle turned up. The directions state using a fixed voltage transformer of 12 vac to 18 vac will correct this problem. The directions are vague and I have little experience with model trains so what do I need to do to accomplish this?

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    If I understand your situation correctly you are trying to power the switch motors with the track current. This is a variable voltage and used to change the speed of the train. Usually the switch motors are powered by the "accessory" output of the transformer which is a FIXED voltage..... Now I do not use O scale, so things could be different. What I would do is get a seperate transformer (old train power pack) from EBay or some such place and use it for the switch motor power and your existing pack for the train power.
  3. 60103

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    Which transformer are you using? If it only has 2 posts to connect the wires to, you're stuck.
    If you have more than 2 (4 is common) one will be a fixed voltage post (or one pair will be.) Unfortubately, it's different for every transformer.
  4. redbarn03

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    I have a two-post transformer. Thanks for the explanation.

  5. EastCoast

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    Fastrack remote switches are amazing, the only wire you have is the remote.

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