How do I research by road and engine numbers?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TrainNut, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. TrainNut

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    Today I added two more engines to my collection and was wanting to do research to find out more about them. Years ago I had a diesel spotters guide but I can not seem to find it. After several years and moves, who knows where it is. Is there an internet site someone can hook me up with that will help? Specifically, I am looking for Rio Grande, GP-40, #'s 3131 & 3141.
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    Okay, so I went to that awesome site and found out that those particular engines were originally leased and then bought from Conrail. So then I go to Conrail and found that they inherited their fleet of 3,000hp GP40's from the Penn Central, which inherited their units from the New York Central, EMD. Wow!!! Those engines could have been around the block a couple times!! Soooo, is there any way to find out what engine numbers they were with Conrail? It's like trying to research a family tree!
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    Now, I've struck out and would like help finding a picture of a Burlington GP (7 or 9 I'm not sure which) in the red and grey paint scheme #225. Every roster list I've found conveniently skips the set of numbers that encompass 225. It makes me wonder if it wasn't a fictitious engine by Atlas. Any one? Any one? Ferris? Ferris Beuhler? MilesWestern?
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  8. TrainNut

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    Thank you. I looked in both of those sights and could not find it. I must not have been looking in the right places!
    I can't help but notice that you have only posted on The Gauge twice. Today and again, over a year ago... both times in this thread. Again, I say thank you for stepping out to help me find those pictures.
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    No problem. I was having trouble finding any info too untill I remembered that the Burlington's real mane was Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy. I had read an old issue of MR recently with a layout article about the CB&Q and it finally clicked.

    I did a little more digging and found that CB&Q 225 was built in Sept 1951 and merged into BN in 1970 as BN 1581. Relco (RCLX) purchased the loco and numbered it 1603 (no idea of the year). Relco scrapped it in April 1984. I looked for pics of it in either BN or RLCX paint but no luck.

    BTW, I kind of get into this research stuff.sign1
  10. TrainNut

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    I like knowing a little about the engines as it helps to make it more than just a toy that runs 'round 'n 'round. I thought it was just a different paint scheme for the Burlington Northern. Boy was I wrong. Thanks for the enlightenment.
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    Here's 1581 in 1981, only a few months from retirement by BN: Considering its short life after BN, I think it unlikely that RLCX repainted it.

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