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  1. I want to print an existing model on metalic, and mirror paper, how do I remove the color, ang keep the outlines and graffics? Any help woud be greatly appreciated.:confused:
  2. blaar

    blaar Member

    Depends on what format you using ......... PDF , PDO or JPG/BMP.

    For PDO it is really easy. I can help you to export it without texture just the outlines. For PDF, I am not sure. Suppose you will have to print to JPG / BMP and then photoshop it from there. Same goes for JPG / BMP.

    EDIT : LOL, only just now saw it is a old old post. Sorry about bumping this.
  3. giande

    giande New Member

    i have the same question but in pdf

    i want to color it not to remove

    any idea?

    sorry my english is very bad
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    It might be easier to for you, giande, to "print to file" in .jpeg format, rather than try to do it in pdf form. This is what I do. I then modify the .jpeg in PAINT or other graphics programs. :)
  5. janeah

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    I do same thing. .jpeg file formats are more flexible than pdf's.
  6. MikeBer

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    There is a free download program called "Bullzip pdf printer"
    It installs as a "printer".You print your pdf to this "printer" and select jpg or bmp output file format. you then modify the file using a "Paint" program as Zathros says.
    I use this "printer" to convert my pdf's to bmp so I can extract the individual paper parts and enlarge them up to the maximum resize that will fit on A4.
    It's also useful to convert the pdf to a bmp file and then select certain parts to reprint by copy and paste to a blank sheet and save card.
  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    PDFFill works well also. It's good to stick with programs others have used. Thanks MikeBer! :)
  8. Szdfan

    Szdfan Member

    I've been experimenting re-skinning with PDFs. It's possible to open up a PDF in Gimp (I don't know about Photoshop) which would allow you to manipulate the image.
  9. The normal way to edit a vectored PDF would be to open it in a vector editing program like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or, perhaps, the free Inkscape. I've recolored, resized and rearranged pages in CorelDraw easily. Unforch, they keep "improving" the PDF format and my old CorelDraw version won't open mosts new PDFs these days. Inscape will only save single page PDFs. I've not tried opening a multi-pager in it. Photoshop rasterizes PDF into bitmaps, as do many other photo programs, which will probably serve the purpose of most modelers. You will have to open 1 page at a time to edit them, though.

    Check this handy chart at Wikipedia comparing vector programs:

  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    In Photoshop CS3, you can open a multi-page document, it displays them as tiles and you chose which one you wish to work with, extract parts from, etc, quite easily. :)
  11. OK. I'm still using Photoshop 7, though it served most of my needs just fine. This thread prompted me do some poking around and had some good results. You can set up the free OpenOffice Draw program to import vectored PDFs and edit them-- sometimes. There are plenty of exceptions, but it's worth a try. You have to install an OpenOffice addon called the "PDF Import Extension" (download file, then go to Tools > Extension Manager).

    Using OO Draw I quickly changed the color of a Hummer model from red to yellow without interfering with the overlaying details. Some PDFs require a password to edit, even if you can view/print without a password. One didn't even open and locked up the program, too. Still, It's one way to do the job. I blame (bleeping) Adobe for tinkering with the PDF format so much over the years to sell software updates.


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