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    I have always built models of airplanes following some pattern. I build, besides paper models, resin models and do many following the old "solid Wood" technique. (I will have to start a Forum on this form, since its almost "DEAD" (Who wants to join with me!!!!...its really fun and work!!!!)..... Once in a while I do a plastic (SIN!!!!)
    The pattern is: I build models of historical campaigns or periods. I research the campaign, check which planes flew in it, on both sides, choose the outstanding ones, or simetimes the "odd" ones and then build....
    In the last 5-6 years I have placed my interests mainly on Italian Aircraft as you can see. I am really tired of the Corsairs, Hellcats, Spitfires, Mustangs(I flew this last one)..etc.....(Jesus I have built in the last 40 years so many of them I simply don´t even look at them anymore)

    I have done, Spanish Civil war (still in progress) exp: Breda-65.paper (check:
    , ME-109.paper, RO-41.resin, I-16 Rata. paper.

    Italian Africa 1936-1940...RO-1.solid wood, RO-43. solid wood, CR-42. paper.

    Russia 1941-43, LA5-fn.paper, Mig-3.paper (under const). JU-52. paper

    Mediterranean Campaign: SM79.paper (under const).SM200. paper, SM202.paper, Cant Z-501. paper, RO-43. paper, RE-2000. resin

    I am also starting a collection of the Italian acrobatic squadron "Freccia di Colori" which has a history that goes back to 1931!!!!...
    These models will probably be all in solid wood since there are hardly any kits representing this group through the years, I plan to do about 6 or 8 of them.
    So this is the way I do my thing...really enjoy it since it makes me plan, research and investigate, collect the kits or plans or design my own, and finally build.
    FUN all the way!!!!!!!!!!...................What Do You Do :?:
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    I like first and second generation jets. Pretty much '45 through 1965. Lots of interesting planes to choose from--some successful--some less so. Colorful period as well...Lots of stripes, darts flashes and other markings to brighten things up. right now, slowly assembling a complet Blue Angel collection, including some of the support aircraft, like the SNJ and TV-2. Going strictly with paper--If I can't find a model--I make it. TV2 in work now.

    Have made a few solid models--but thaey were made years ago--when you could buy the kits for a dime or quarter. I sometimes throw a plastic kit together to get a better feel for a paper model I'm trying to work out. And I do mean throw....when I was oung and plastic kits cost only a buck or so, I did nice work--likewise with the stick and tissue types. Now I just do paper. It's cheap, versatile and challenging.
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    Hey Guys,

    I agree. I used to do the plastic models as a kid......wasn't much else, except for balsa and tissue. Went to them after plastic mainly because I could not find the planes I wanted to build but only in balsa. Never really got inot the solid wood............. but I was checking into it, and the old WWII ID models that were made and that led me to Card Models.

    I haven't got into designing or going from scratch yet, mainly because there are sooooo many different ones to choose from. And with designers like Nobi, Roman and Merick and others, cranking out really great quality planes I probably will not start design or scratch building any time soon. :shock:

    I too am a fan of the first and second generation of jets.......... they are really under-rated I think. But with Rob putting out some good planes maybe that will change in the near future! :D

    Anyway......... Gera you have got to post some of those planes you have build I'm sure that there are alot of guys that would be interested. :D

    And Rob keep up the good work! I still would like to see a SkyKnight done. (hint hint) :wink:
  4. dimas Karabas

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    I think JU 52 is not really a Russian plane, more like German.:)
  5. gera

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    You are Right Dimas......German all the way...the Russians did not have such a Great Plane!! 8)
    But if you read again, you will notice I am talking about "Campaigns" NOT countries...... Russia 1941-1943(A campaign)....... The Italians flew the G-50 there and its NOT Russian either :D
    Notice I have the I-16 Rata under "Spanish Civil War" and its was not Spanish!!!!....more like Russian :wink:
  6. dimas Karabas

    dimas Karabas Member

    Sorry my mistake, I guess it was really late at night:)

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