How can I stop this wire from weighting down my RC boat?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by metaphysics1221, May 9, 2008.

  1. metaphysics1221

    metaphysics1221 New Member

    I am building my own model boat, but I am using a small cord instead of an RC system. The cord shouldn't weight too much, I am just planning on buoying it up with some foam pieces.

    Can anyone think of a better way to stop the cord from interfering with the boats operation?
  2. arbiter007

    arbiter007 New Member

    Why are you using a "cord?" You can buy extremely thin wires and cables.
  3. n42080

    n42080 New Member

    Get an RC system. If the cable isn't there, it can't interfere with the boat.
  4. mike1942f

    mike1942f New Member

    Since any length of cord is going to drag in the water and adding floats, even if streamlined, will add to the drag. Suggest you make a light weight gantry (base on land, upright or diagonal and horizontal to make inverted L) that reaches out over the water to hold the cord above the water and droop across to the boat. You are not going to be able to go very far, but could get a 40 foot run out of a 10' high support and 20' feet of cord off the end. Telephone wall to phone wire is very thin and light and gives 4 conductors.

    Of course, you could do wire guided torpedo kind of stuff and send a signal out a thin insulated wire and return through the water!!

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