how can I sell my coins through ebay?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Omkar B, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Omkar B

    Omkar B New Member

    coins are of East India Company ,made in the erly 18th century . They were all in Indian currency . They are original .made of copper , silver etc .
  2. U.K.Export

    U.K.Export New Member

    It is very easy - just go to - click on SELL and they give you all the required instructions.
  3. on_the_move4ever

    on_the_move4ever New Member

    yes, it is easy - go to - open an account, and then take really good pictures of the coins and make out good description put it in the correct category and start the bidding low and then people will bid. Almost always if you start bidding high you may have trouble getting bids, in that case if you have to have a certain amount for them, you may want to use the buy it now (fixed price) instead of auction and you can use the best offer if you want to, so ify ou want $30 for the item, then you can use the buy it now fixed price option. But depending on the area, you could be limiting your price. You might think the market will pay $30, but sometimes the market will pay more or less. It's better to list items individually - research the demand for an item before you sell yours. If it is a high deman item use the auction and start it at 99 cents, if it isn't use the fixed price. and/or the best offer. If only one person is interested (like Russia) an auction is not the way to go because with an auction there has to be competition. But I've done well selling Russian items using th best offer feature. Honestly, there is such a demand for Indian items right now you won't have a problem since all the jobs have gone to India
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