how can i make my slot car go faster?

Discussion in 'Slot Racing & Clubs' started by newtchewy33, May 2, 2008.

  1. newtchewy33

    newtchewy33 New Member

    i want to know if i can make my ho slot car go faster (on a very low budget) so far i got it to go about 8-10 mph faster ... i think ... but i want it to go a lot faster and also i have a older designed one that i want to keep on the track because it keeps flying off of the track at any turn evin at its slowist speed!
  2. john doe

    john doe New Member

    easiest way is put on a more aerodynamic body.
  3. bayareart1

    bayareart1 New Member

    ya gotta rewind the motor, new wire and I think more revolutions

    , its been a long time since I raced slot cars, and new brushes in the motor
  4. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    Slot Cars, Humm Last time I did slot cars was in the early 60’s.

    Yes rewinding the motor can increase the speed but it is a balancing act between torque and rpm that gets you performance. Not enough room to get into flux density of magnets and amp turns ratios here.
    Take a look at this

    How To Rewind Slot Car Armatures (HO Slot Cars, 1/32 Slot Cars, 1/24 Slot Cars)

    Things to do at no cost. Clean up the brushes, make sure that they seat to the commutator well. Soak the sleeve bearings in some light machine oil. Check the alignment of the gears and make sure that they run smoothly. Check and see if they have other gears you can purchase for the car. Play with the gears to get the car to accelerate faster. As for handling it seems odd but add some weight to the car but make sure that the weight is below the center line of the axels. Fast is good but if you can’t get around the corners then you will loose the race.

    Jim Nunn

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