How Bout A Design School?

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  1. I have decided I am tired of waiting for others to do what I am sure I could do with the right tools and training. I am an artist with good mechanical skills and my computer skills are pretty good for an old fart. So how bout it you guys? Anyone want to help me learn how to design my own creations?

    We need a step by step starting with tools (software for the average Joe) and concept and application. How to turn a 3-d model into a 2-d Card model.

    I need a new challenge. Any takers? My first project will be the OP-2E as a gift to the boys at VO-67.
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    --I'm sure there're already plenty of tutorials in the forum and on the net, we just need to have someone to sum up the info. Also if you run into any problems, go ask in designer's corner (here).
  3. How bout where to start. Recommended software for the novice? I see they have 3-d to 2-d shareware available. Which one to choose? I also have Adobe Photo Shop (limited knowledge on how to use it). So let us start there. I will walk you through the steps I need to get what I need. In the process we can help others who have been afraid to try.
  4. By the way Nezard, I love your logo, Very cute. Did you design that?
  5. Lex

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    The only freewares I knew of are the Blender and Unfolder combination, something which costs a little is Metasequoia (free version) / Sketchup and Pepakura designer (costs a little). If you really want to make the investment the Rhino (and possibly Illustrator) is a good choice too.

    Some reference threads:

    (PS my logo is taken from an anime I watch, so it's not original...)
  6. Jaybats

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    IMHO, the fastest way for you to learn this is as follows:

    (1) Go here and download the freeware version of Metasequioa:

    (2) Then go here and learn how to make an airplane:


    (3) When you've done your first 3d model, go here and download Pepakura Designer from the Download page:

    Pepakura Designer

    (4) Then go here to Pepakura's Product Info page and go to the "Making of Pepakura" page to learn how to unfold your Metasquoia model.

    When you're comfortable with the basics of all this, and hit a snag, then look for further guidance by looking through the Designer's Corner sub-forum. I recall at least one thread by Nobi from which you can learn a few things; although he uses Rhino the same principles apply for using Metasequioa.

    Or just show people where you're at and then ask for help. This allows you to learn at your own pace. It's also more efficient especially since people don't log in daily and have their own schedules and workloads outside of this hobby.

    At some point you will have to consider spending the small amount of money to buy the fully functional software. At minimum, you're looking at $45 for Pepakura; it is possible to make do with the freeware version of Metasequioa if you can get by without the advanced texturing functions. Otherwise, you can get the more expensive options.
  7. Hey thanks for the direction. I will try this and report back
  8. sjsquirrel

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    You can call on me

    I started the exact process Jaybats recommends about a year ago. I've learned a lot, and would be happy to assist. You can email me directly or send me a PM any time, although I'm not on-line daily so be patient.

    It takes some time to get the hang of Meta, but it's worth it. Here you can get the Meta help in English Metasequoia English Documentation and Tutorial
    A couple others I found helpful were
    Brydes Introductory Tutorials Digital Art by Bryde - Tutorials
    And some good tidbits here about Meta and Pep Designing Homeworld 2 Paper Models

    We started a thread here ( that has a couple useful items in it. The concept never got much support, but maybe you'll be the one to change that. If you find great stuff let me know.


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