How big is this building?

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    How big do you think this building is? What size would you make it in N scale? Thanks

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    Well, the roll up and passage doors seem to be in 8 foot tall openings. That would make the interior ceilings at at least 9 feet. If you assume 10 feet per floor, including the thickness of the floor system that gives you a total height of 30 feet to the top of the roof. Add 12 to 24 inches for the parapett at the top.
    Length is a bit trickier. I would assume the windows on the sides to be about 3 feet wide each. You'd have to scale that out, but it means that each long bank of windows on the side is about 30 feet. The side windows of the older section you label as "side view" seem to be doubles rather than tripples. Seeing as the windows in the "side view" are 8 feet wide based on the width of the overhead door, I would say the windows are each about 32" or 5'-4" for the double.
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    It really depends.

    Is your goal to recreate an exact scale model? Then you need to do some work as suggested above. Take a known value (or educated guess) of something clearly visible in the picture, like the rollup door, or person-door and extrapolate. THe side view is almost square on, so it should be pretty easy for that. The front view is not as good, but you will have the height and window measurements from the side to help.

    If you want simply to make a building that looks like this one, then some selective compression is allowable. You can make it as big as it needs to be to fit the available space. For example, you could have three columns of windows on the side, instead of 4. Or cut off the entire right end from the front view. The resulting building will still have the same "flavour", but it will not be an exact replica.


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