How big is a 1:87 and 1:43 scale model car in centimeters or inches?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by terence_legrange, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. terence_legrange

    terence_legrange New Member

    I am looking to purchase model scale cars and need to know how big these are.
  2. slowpokesrool

    slowpokesrool New Member

    It all depends on the size of the original vehicle!

    If a car is 870" long the scale model will be 10" long!
  3. mhp_wizo_93_418

    mhp_wizo_93_418 New Member

    The determining factor is the original length of the car that the model is from. the 1:87 and the 1:43 are fractional representation of the actual size. In other words a 1:43 is a model that is 1" long for every 43" of length from the actual vehicle. for example if a vehicle is 18 feel long, that is 216 inches, 1:43 scale would make that model a little over 5 inches long. Of course the other dimensions would also be affected.

    Where c = actual length in feet

    where y = actual length in inches

    where x = scale size in inches



    you can do the same thing replacing the 43 with 87 to determine that scales final length

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