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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by green_elite_cab, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I made this layout for someone who asked me for one. the first one is the origninal, but the second one has a round house, minus one industry. i admittedly know little about roundhouses and turn tables. they have extra tracks outside the round house, but i don't know their purpose. are they there to just have out door storage?

    If anyone needs a largers picture of the yard (its hard for even for me to see the tracks after i resized it for posting) just say.

    It was basicly designed for a modern theme, and some passenger operations, continuous running, with a yard and switching. there is an aisle in the middle, and the controls would be placed at the end.

    The major industry is an oil refinery, moving loaded oil cars and replaceing them with empties, and placeing full cars or oil additives on the other track. All buildings reperesnt Walther's models in this section.

    bellow that there is a small industrial area, that could be change in configuration to allow more space for a "town" in between there and the oil refinery. There is an ADM grain elevator, and random industry, and American Hardware Supply.

    On the "modern" layout, there is one more spur that would go to Peterson's tools and specialties, but on the Round House version, its ommitted to make space for the roundhouse.

    The yard has 4 seperate sorting tracks, and there is an Arrival/ departure track. It also has a general servicing area boxed in by blue. ( this can be changed to better suite whatever models are used) and either a 2 stall engine house (like PIkeStuff's) or an Atlas Roundhouse and Turn table.

    You should be able to run a Passenger train and a Freight train on this layout with little obstuction, except for when useing the run around on the top of the layout by the oil refinery. if the freight train is moving to the other side of the train, then it blocks the mainline. Then again, it can add a challenge to the layout. either way, it would be difficult in that space to add another passing track. On the modern one, the Peterson tool a specialties might cause more blockage, but that can be left out.

    Whats your opinions?


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    Is this HO or N? What size are the grid squares?

    I'll guess it's HO with a 12" grid. If it were N with a 6" grid, there would be no purpose for that gap in the benchwork. So that makes it 9'x8'6". In that case, passenger cars won't like those 18" curves.

    What size room is this layout in? Which sides are open and which are against walls? Considering different benchwork arrangements offers more possibilities.
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    actualy, the only 18 radius curves are in the industrial center. only one 1/3 18" section is going from the freight yard to the mainline. most curves are 22". the outer ovals are 24"

    yes its HO, one foot grid.

    he originaly asked for an 8x8 layout, but that wasn't set in stone, and its just slightly larger so to add som capacity to the yard. at that poin i lengthened the other end to make it even. the main secion could be shortened a foot if someone desired.
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    roundhouse tracks

    I had heard once that outdoor tracks were for fair weather climates...but have seen in person a turntable with no roundhouse (demolished) but the tracks are still in place. It's in Grand Forks, ND and the BNSF still uses it along with their yard there. So there goes the fair weather theory.

    Here's a picture of a turntable with open tracks on an HO layout (sadly, recently demolished but happily preserved by a local model railroad club in Ocala, FL).

    Hope this helps and maybe spurs some ideas.


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    another turntable pic

    Here's the same turntable from a different angle. I'm not sure if the builder ever had plans for a roundhouse, but I had never seen one there in all my years of visiting this layout anually.


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  6. GeorgeHO

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    You have an operational problem with this layout. You can make up multiple trains in the yard area, and they can travel to the loops, but there is no way back. You need to flip the spurs and the loops upside down, so that the trains travel from the lower left to the upper right of the spurs. You then need to reposition the spurs so that they connect with both sides of the loops. Your trains could then turn around when the switching was done and return to the yards.

    Your other option is to have a wye (one leg at least) at the top left of the loops connecting with the track going across the top, but you may not have enough room to do that easily.
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    i agree with George but i do like the first one more
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    reverse loop?

    How about a spur cutting across the middle of your loops to create a reverse loop to allow trains to return? In the plans as they are, make it run from lower left to upper right. The passing tracks may even be configured to create a twice-around scenario, possibly.

    I like plan one as well, but if you run steam it may be problematic. Unless you're OK with running in reverse. Plenty of prototypes to support this method.

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    Yeah, i figured it wouldn't matter much if there was some Long Hood forward operation. I'm not quite sure of the guy's area, but if he ran NS, it would look fine. if i moved on building, i could put a reverse loop in there, but it cuts into space for scenery.

    I suppose i could put a wye in there. Originaly i was going to do that, but i got stuck with a tight radius, so i decided not to. Maybe a wye in the top right would work.

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