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    Thanks everyone for the kind words.:mrgreen: I really worked hard on these and you comments are inspiring. I think I may just go ahead and finish my Chessie/EL U36C and Chessie/C&O Dash 9-44CW.

    Glen-Those RDC's are indeed old Atheran rubber band drives. I had to replace the rubber bands one one of them because on it's maiden voyage I was unaware that the bands were old and stuck to the wheels so when I applied power they all snapped. I didn't have any extras so I used some of my daughters' hair ties and I must say they work better than the athearn bands!

    Ralph-I love the PC almost as much as I do the C&O/Chessie. We even have the same U28C. Years ago an old friend of mine had a PC layout and although it lacked scenery, it was the most prototypically operated layout I've ever seen. In typical PC fashion there were frequent derailments and engine failures. Whatever power that ran was used so lashups of U-boats, F's, and Geeps were common. I once sent an entire train crashing to the floor in front of people from a model railroad club but that's another story. I loved running that layout and from then on my love for Penn Central has grown to the point that I had to share my Chessie layout with lots of PC power.

    Eightyeightfan1-Those are some great looking New Haven units you've got there. The paint and decals look real nice. Had the NH avoided merger I imagine that the locomotives would look a lot like those. Ah, if only the "What If's" were "What Is".

    Thanks again everyone and I'll post some more pics when I'm finished.

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    couple of steamers i did awhile back.
    First up a PFM GN. Class G3 4-8-0....2nd a PFM GN.F8 2-8-0 with auxllery water car 3207. A Oriental unit.

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