How about a Spindrift?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by maucutt, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. maucutt

    maucutt New Member

    You folks are fantastic, Rodger Young-Galactica-Enterprise Wow.
    Please how about a large scale Spindrift from Land of The Giants-it should be easy compared to the other ships I have seen.
    Please consider
  2. paperbeam

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  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    For some reason that orange really stands out in my mind like I found it as a download once upon a time..... going through my various cd's laying all over can be tough but I will give it a go! Of course I could just be losing my mind too.....

    p.s. Matt - welcome to the fold! If anyone can help you out, you will find them around here somewhere :)
  4. lairdre

    lairdre Member

    It has always reminded me of the "Flying Sub" from "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea".

    Didn't I see a model of the "Flying Sub" somewhere?
  5. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    there is a flying sub out there
  6. lairdre

    lairdre Member

    It just came to me that both shows were Irwin Allen productions. No wonder there is similarity in the two ships.
  7. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Dang, almost positve thats the one I am thinking of....
  8. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    Flying sub link

    Irwin Allen was infamous for re-using props, costumes and sets.

    Flying sub link
  9. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Yep, thats the one I was thinkgin about.

    Nothing wrong with reusing stuff - my kids wore the same clothes when possible! ;) I might make them reuse the sub too when they get old enough heh heh
  10. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    i think Auroura put out this kit around the last TV season. It was molded in orange and had a rudimentary interior, cockpit and passenger seating area. I had this kit and when I tired of it I skimmed it across the snow covered lawn and lit the m80 fuse. Kinda commemorates the end of the series and model all at once!
  11. widget

    widget Member

  12. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Spindrift model

    Hi all,
    I have been collecting research material for this model for some time now. I have a decent set of blueprints, drawings, and pictures from some wonderful guys who have scratch built plastic/resin/fiberglas models of the Spindrift. I am working with the great guys at Custom Add-ons for FS-2004 who have designed a virtual model of the Spindrift for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. I'll be able to get some very nice cross-sections to construct the curved surfaces.

    Unfortunately, I am at least a year away from starting on any work in earnest on this design as I want to finish up all of the other projects I've started/stopped/started...

    Currently working on:
    -Jupiter 2 with detailed upper deck. (I'll also design a B-9 robot and Chariot to go along with the set)
    -Finishing the assembly instructions for the already released Space Pod from Lost In Space.
    -1 Man EVA Pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey
    -12 inch Posable human form to use as a frame to attach suits of armor, Robocop armor, Storm Trooper armor, Cylon, and whatever else you guys would like to design.
    -Modular Enterprise Bridge for the existing Hako Star Trek characters.

    Whew. That's enough for now!

    Best to everyone!
    Ron Caudillo
  13. Clylonace

    Clylonace New Member

    Hi All.

    Just joined.

    I too am working on a spindrift, and of all things the part thats giving me the most trouble is the aft fuselage section. wall1

    I thought the Flying sub I designed was going to be difficult, But its a walk in the park compared to this. Oh. Well I march on.

    you check out some of my work, and grab a flying sub. ( contact me for the full photo instructions to build it )

    Sci Fi Prime Paper Crafts -

    Ron. Huge fan your work.

    downloaded the FS-1 for Flight Sim 2002. Awesome.:thumb:
  14. cylon11

    cylon11 New Member

    Hi again all, I had to swich profiles on account I was having problems with the first.So I'm Cylon11.
  15. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Hey Cylon11,
    Glad to hear someone is designing this one! How about some progress teaser shots? This is one (of MANY) of my favorites and I look forward to a fantastic model. Let me know if you need and reference materail.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  16. maucutt

    maucutt New Member


    Cylon, This might help.
    When I was a kid I would build large Spindrift's from red poster board.
    The first few were very bad however after six attempts I got a nice shape by building the front half alone from the engine section then just put them together. I was able to get the hull curves just right -the window area required build up but it looked very good. The engine section I made a template from the front hull enlarged it for the intakes then made the smaller exaust part and then formed poster board around it.
    It looked good in the back yard until one day I left it in the rain,LOL.
  17. cylon11

    cylon11 New Member


    I'll use those suggestions.

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