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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Catt, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Bill Nelson

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    All that old upholstery open to the elements, that is so realistic looking I can almost smell it (Yeech!) Next do for the mushrooms and bugs.

    Bill Nelson
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    Hello all,

    I hoped that there may have already been a thread open on scale model vehicles to compliment our train layouts. Saves me starting a new one.

    I hope someone can assist me.

    I am looking for a 1/50, 1/48, or 1/42 scale model of the Willys Jeep truck (or station wagon) that was built between 1948 and 1968. Apart from a few cosmetic changes, they were almost unchanged through those 20 years, until replaced by the Gladiator truck in the late 60's.

    I know that EKO build a rather basic wagon in HO scale, and I have a few of them for my HO layout, but I just want to be difficult, and want one or two in O scale.....

    I also know that Die Cast Direct have one, and it looks good, but the price is a little bit out of my range at the moment. :eek:

    If anyone could help, I will be eternally grateful. And so will my layout.:cool:

    Many thanks,

    This is what I'm looking for:

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  3. Bill Nelson

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    My dad was a forester, and my first memory, was sitting in the way way back in a jeep station wagon. my folks hearing the description of my memory , said it had to be before 1968.

    Bill Nelson
  4. Bill Nelson

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    oops that would be 1956 I have no Idea where 68 came from

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