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  1. Steve Shaw

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  2. Jim Nunn

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    Very well done! From the size, I assume you now need glasses

    Jim Nunn
  3. John L.

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    John L
  4. motokid

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    amazing job!! I would love to build this house also. Where did you get it?
    keep up the great work!
  5. Art Decko

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    Steve, your model design and texturing skills improve with each subject you post, but with this one you really outdid yourself. It looks like you've really perfected your technique.

    That is outstanding work.

    Please post a few more shots from other angles!

    Bravo for this tiny Victorian gem! I can't wait to see the next!
  6. Steve Shaw

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  7. Art Decko

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    I lost my internet connection for about a week, so I just got to see the other views. Really fine design & graphics work! Some impressive cutting as well - those gaps in the balustrades- at N scale!

    How did you do that tiny finial? Did you carve it from laminated card?
  8. Traveller

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    Wow! :eek:

    That is one amazing papermodel. And really small too!

    Great job. :thumb:
  9. Steve Shaw

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    Happy “EASTER” everyone and thanks for replying, this was a test build,
    I found many problems in the design most were of fit form not allowing for
    extra thickness of tab layers, had to butcher some parts and some areas are
    to small for me to cutout, the finial is a paper stem from a Q-tip turndown
    in a drill with sandpaper and knife blade. I have spent most of the winter
    designing this model and it took me three weeks to build (part time). It
    could use a few more details like handrails, steps and paint, maybe later.
    I did hear that the new owners are planning to teardown this beautiful house,
    not sure why, I have been in it many times and it appears to be in
    good shape. It is located in Nashville Indiana, a small town with many shops.
    If you want to see it better hurry.

    Steve S.
  10. I missed this thread in its original "go round". Beautiful, amazing work Steve. It makes me want to try an architectural model myself. I can't imagine anyone willingly tearing down a structure with such character. This house is the embodiment of the phrase "they don't build 'em like they used to".

  11. That's an awesome model, at such small scale! So much detail in such a small model.. Well done! :thumb:

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