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    ever play the piano? lift weights? collect stamps? people who have hobbies usually spend 3-4 hours steadily on them every day. there are days off, but its back to the grindstone right away. so don't feel bad if you have to make 84 models this month. or re-build the same model over and over until you get it perfect. YOU ARE NORMAL, at least as far as hobbies go, lol! stock-illustration-16423561-crazy-napoleon.jpg
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    I thought that "NORMAL", was a setting on a washing machine? ;)
    I have to agree with you on the amount of time spent on a (particular) hobby. I find myself working on my projects for the same amount of time (and yes, sometimes longer).
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    first edit---MY THANKS to the moderators and workers on this site, the resources being updated and worked out, the recent improvement on my own picture additions to threads I post, and suggestions as to how to enact the best possible actions in my comments and threads. always answering questions and keeping the site civil and fair. GREAT JOB!

    well, so now I have decided to finish up my printed out sheets like I was doing, and maybe run off a rocky jones and a saucermen for build pics. need to keep my heart rate up so I bought ankle weights to wear around the house. drinking v-8 low sodium instead of soda. its not that bad. going to do some big Klingons and romulans to get the light seams sealed good for some build threads.
    besides my routines and other hobbies, I still have to go to cardiac rehab for several weeks. then some kind of job. that's about it for me, thanks for hanging in with me thru all this. im glad a found a cheap aqua filter lite system and for other colors too. talked with micheal the haggard, and apologized for cutting his logo [I was trying to get ink off for a try at printing a sheet on those phase 2s] he said it was ok. watch my build threads for some alt star trek ships
    this year is going to be a great summer and fall! all the dress up cons here in Phoenix are strong and steady! lots of props on costumes. really enjoying Kirby's recolors on the iss fleet, Lin's fabulous mini-dioramas and the vectors of the Starfleet ships. great job at everyone for paper modeling and thanks for all the gifts we give, and this hobby is the greatest!
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