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    The IRS has a short quiz on their web site (www.irs.gov) that your dad can answer a few questions and it will tell him whether he needs to file or not. He can also do a few quick calculations on his own to determine that. For the most part, if his total income including interest and IRA distributions are under $32,000 (I think that's the threshold, but the 1040 instruction booklet has a worksheet in it), he doesn't have to include SS in his income. But go to the IRS website, the quiz takes just a few minutes and it gives you an answer right away if he does or does not have to file.
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    Don, thank you so much for the info I'll definately go and check it out, Pat.
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    We had a cute little page floating around up in Canada.. It appeared as a questionaire from Revenue Canada, to assist in doing up Income Taxes.. The question was, "Did you earn any moneies in the previous 12 months .....................$ ..................
    Send this amount to Revenue Canada..

    Have fun everyone.

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